Spike Milligan


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Has anyone read Spike Milligan's WWII memoires? If you haven't, find 'em and read 'em. They are hystarical! I don't have a book on me right now, but i'll throw on an excert later. It's british humour, complete with the silly accents, which Spike emulatres by writing them the way they'd sound.

like i promised, an excert. this is from the 3rd vol.

"Approaching are Gunners Musslewhite, Roberts and Wilson, riding donkeys and stoned: days later they were found in SOusse with no recollection of anything. Up before Major Chater Jack, the answer to his question, 'What's your excuse?' was 'pissed sir'.

"'Such honesty cannot go unrewarded,' said Chater Jack, 'case dismissed.'"

it's all really good stuff.
They are an excellent read - I remember when I was younger, I read them on the train - on the way to work - laughed like a drain. Wish I still 'ad 'em. :D

One of my favourite episodes is where Spike says that he doesn't want to wear the uniform because it is dangerous. When asked why the uniform is dangerous, Spike informs the seniors that there were people shooting at it. :D