Spies, Lies, and Treason


The Viking
I have been watching documentaries about spies and the counterintelligence trying to apprehend the traitors. The US had two traitors working for the Soviets/Russians. Albrich Ames (CIA), the Walker family (USN), and Robert Hansen (FBI). The British had the Cambridge Five that wrecked their intelligence service.

The US was successful during the 1980s to recruit Russian to work for them, they were able to hire high ranked KGB and GRU personnel. Ames got them killed, one was able to escape in Greece. The British had recruited a KGB officer in Copenhagen, but the Brits shared their information he provided with the Americans so Ames shared it further to the Russians. The Brits were able to get their spy out of Soviet Union.

The Walker family, if I can use that term exposed the US Navy's communication and other naval secrets to the Russians. A war in the early 1980s might have ended badly for NATO and the US because of it.

Robert Hansen did something similar as what Albrech Ames did, but he did it from FBI's counterintelligence instead.

Why did they do it? Money or ego? What do you think?
I think this is a hard one to explain but the short answer is money.
Some people do it to right perceived wrongs, others because they support the other sides ideology but in the end they all do it for money.