Spain is pulling out in Iraq?

It has NOTHING to do with terror...The spanish PEOPLE DO NOT WANT WAR...the only reason the spanish goverment said go for it its because they were (edit:behave yourself)now that the goverment has changed and the PEOPLE elected someone that said if im elected no more war.....BAM he got elected...wonder why EH?

3 Countrys have officialy pulled out.(not that there are alot of soldiers)

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Right 3 countries pull-out, not allot of troops. Well it does not matter if all the countries pulled except for the US. Why? Because we are carrying this one alone. The Bristish a allot of other countries are helping but not with troops on the ground like the US.
panzer said:
The Bristish a allot of other countries are helping but not with troops on the ground like the US.

That is incorrect. Many nations (most notably the UK) have boots on the ground, and had them there since before the invasion.
I don't believe it is your place to belittle the sacrifice of any one of those men, even if they are the only soldier from their country fighting.
I am not judging anyone I am stating a fact. You can say I am not saying that British help is not appreciated but check my post history out. I compliment the British for helping us when they can. But we need other countries in Iraq helping with this one. I admire the grandfather is British. I am just showing that 130,000 out of the max 150-160,000 total troops is american. Plus I respect anyone that puts on a uniform and protects their people. From the combat soldiers to police on the streets. I AM NOT BELITTLING ANYONE!
Iraq war was totaly wrong, if i would support USA to attack someone it would be North Korea, but USA is afraid to attack it.
WOOHHH thats a completly diffrenrt subject
. the US right now dosent have enough to attack north korea....yet lol plus by the time they attack nukes will have been deploid*.
I feel that they are nothing but cowards... After the train bombings i would of thought that it would make them furious, but instead they have a presidential change and run away with their tails between their legs...