South Korea to re-start anti-North Korean broadcasts to the North

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As one of the measures taken after the attack on the RoKS Cheonan, the South Korean government has decided to re-start anti-North Korean broadcasts along the Military Demarcation Line (MDL). These will be broadcasted over loudspeaker and over radio. The west and east regions will broadcast at 103.1 MHz FM and the central region will broadcast at 107.3 MHz FM. The broadcasts are scheduled to resume on May 24th, 2010 after 1800 Hrs local time. The broadcasts were stopped previously when South Korea was adopting the Sunshine Policy to appease to the North. Previously the broadcasts started in 1962 and was stopped on June 15th, 2004.
There will be 94 places where the messages will be sent via loudspeakers. The estimate is that at night, the messages can be heard as far as 24 KM away and during the day 10KM.
They will also put up large LED screens to show images at 11 points along the MDL. These will be fitted with extra large bulbs so that they can be seen from the North.

North Korea threatens to fire at the loudspeakers if they broadcast.

South Korea vows to return fire if fired upon again.
Seoul itself is 33 kilometers (about 21 miles).
But large portions of the city live to the north of Seoul. Many densely populated neighborhoods (highrise buildings) are about 14 miles away from North Korea.
Now imagine a night time chemical weapons attack. You are talking about the worst kind of nightmare imaginable.
The US and many countries are afraid of having terrorists detonate a chemical weapon or possibly a smaller nuclear weapon in one of their major population centers. A chemical attack by the North Koreans in this area would be far worse.
This is why every step must be taken with extreme caution.