South Korea to lend russian shooting range


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The Ministry of Defense of South Korea it turned to Russia with the proposal to lease artillery range in the Far East. The commander of the 1st South Korean army to us 4- is young it expressed this wish on behalf of his country during the visit to Khabarovsk. The fact is that in very South Korea place does not be sufficient, in order to build this large shooting-range. To artillery calculations and to tank crews be trained nowhere. According to some data, Russian servicemen officially did not answer the request of Koreans, but they perceived proposal positively. If Moscow will answer Seoul by agreement, this can complicate relations with North Korea and China, and this is undesirable outcome in light of the complex the talks about the nuclear program of Pyongyang. Until now South Korean army never leased ranges abroad. Also can arise the problem of the purely technical property: how to reach Korean soldiers and armament into Russia? The most realistic version - air transportation, but the transfer of such large parts by air can cause the dissatisfaction of the enemies of South Korea of China and North Korea, notes the newspaper JoongAng Ilbo. In the world practice there are examples of the lease of ranges on the territories of other countries. However, Russia allowed ranges only to the countries OF THE CIS. The possibility of lease commented radio stations "Echo of Moscow" military expert Aleksandr gol'ts. Gol'ts expressed doubt that the Defense Ministry of Russia will go towards its South Korean associates. In arsenal of South Korean army they stand several artillery pieces of her own and joint with THE USA development.

If Russia says yes how do you think the China or NK will react?
Hmmm... the thing is, Russian-South Korean relations in on themselves haven't been very bad at all and the activity between Vladivostok and Busan sky rocketed after the fall of the iron curtain.
Russians come here like crazy.
We'll have to see what comes of this proposal though. It's quite an interesting development.
I think the Russians are just trying to make some use of their eastern bases, no harm there. But this must be annoying to the White House who already sees North Korea as an agressive nation. Now they have expanded test ranges too.