Something momentous in Hong Kong

Remington 1858

Active member
Something on a historic scale is happening in Hong Kong. It started out as protest about the pre-selected slate of candidates for the position of Chief Executive. The people want to select their own candidates. It's important to remember that China is still a country run by the Communist Party. The party decides everything. The individual counts for nothing except as a cog in the machine to achieve the Party's goals. It is impossible to tell where these protests will lead. Even the participants don't know. It may be quashed, it may be the beginning of a revolution. It may be the beginning of the end for the Chinese Communist Party. Don't think they aren't scared. Nobody willingly relinquishes power. These events bear watching. The events in the Middle east are nothing as compared to this. The world's biggest economy. one of the major military powers, the most populous nation of the world may be in upheaval in a matter of days. Big, big events are going down right before our eyes.
I don't think so. China was not a linchpin in world trade or politics in 1989. Today they are, I don't think they would risk the international pressure today because they are actually much more vulnerable today than in 1989. Their economy is reliant on exports...if they are heavy handed with democratic protest, they know the sanctions that would inevitably be imposed would be very costly. They also know that it is only a matter of time before an eruption if they violently put down this protest. They are in a very tricky situation. I'm sure some resolution will come that is face saving for everyone...because both sides know the consequences if they don't.
I'm not sure what's going to happen - but whatever it is, will be something that will be taught to our children from history books. They will ask "why did this happen this way" and us old folks who are here to see it unfold will respond in the same ways the old folks who fought Hitler responded to us when we asked them the same question.