Some People Can Be So Immature

Yeah we have a whole pile of protesters around (not so much recently I think the cold scared them away) and they're always shoving pamplets in your face when you're in uniform and calling us "baby-killers" etc.

Our Col. told us that we aren't allowed to respond unless they hit first. However we are allowed to defend ourselves, "If they start it, you have my permission to finish it!" 8) Too bad none of them are that stupid.
Those who are anti-war need to go to a foreign country and live there for awhile and see what its like to live without freedom and appreciate the military that protects the freedoms that they enjoy. Stupid anti-war people. I hate when people diss the president (current president) and the military. I'm not in the military yet so I can still go haywire on people for making fun of the military and not have it reflect on the military and the country.

Oh want to interject something here. Not that the french are pansies and no I do not hate the french. Just i cant see how they do not support our efforts. (maybe cuz they were makin deals with iraqi and middle eastern terrorists ie. weapons) If it weren't for us they'd all be speaking German right now. Just thot I'd let em know that. At least the Brits are still on our side. Sides our coalition at least consists of 40 countries big or little doesnt matter.

Also your cousin is in my prayers he deserves the upmost respect as does all of our military. But him especially. HOORAH from the Delaware Military Academy. We honor his sacrifice.