Serious question about joining the marines......

As far as I knnow there is no such cards. They try to stress you out in the Corps. That way they can break you down and get you on their page. Then they will start buildin you back up and moldin you into a true Marine.
The people who write the regulations for trainees just dont understand one thing about basic training: The only real way you know how a person would respond under some form of stressful event is by inducing stress, and looking at the reaction.

Does the person keep his head or fall apart? Does the person think, or jam? If you back the person into a corner, will they fight, or give up? A TI or DI really doesnt know until the person is stressed so he can tell.

Im not talking about beating the crud out of them, or abusing them: Im just talking about normal stress, such as being challenged to do or think.

Id wish that a lot more people could have been run through the stress test in basic that I got: sadly, quite a few with some very bad character flaws got into my system and it was a shame when at the momment of snap, when I needed them to watch my back, they froze. It was at that momment that id wish they didnt have a little card to wave.

2.5 cents worth... :?
my bad i just forgot but neways ok bout the cards and thats wat my uncle was telling me about the start playing mind games wiht ya as soon as ya get there and they break u down and completely rebuild u to what they want u to be
I'm sure they don't break you all the way down, I mean completely. They just demolish the incompatible part of you. Thats why you can do it if you are motivated and can't do it if you aren't I guess.
People who are interested in joining the Corps should read, "Making the Corps" by Thomas E. Ricks. I'm reading it right now and it's great, although im comming across some grammatical errors here and there :x .