Achilles / Silent Grunt,
SG your pretty close but the details are missing the Admiral that you talk about is ADM Ben Moreell father of the Seabees and the first part is which the nickname arose Construction Battalion (CB) the after is how they came up with SeaBees as you stated Very well! They were commissioned in March 5 1942, they started as Construction workers and had to keep from fighting back the Japanese and where finding themselves getting knocked off pretty quick so we sent them through Marine Boot Camp and gave em a rifle. Hence why I say we are like Marines only we have a job when we get out! LOL...We are Construction workers for the Navy we have Builders BU (Carpenters that do everything from Concrete to stick construction to heavy timber, Like me 22years and going) Construction Electrician CE Construction Mechanic CM Utilitiesman UT (Plumber) Engineering Aid EA Equipment Operator EO and Steel Worker (Welder) SW. There is more to it than just construction and Basic is maybe a Marine word for it but I have done much more! Being that I have done time with Navy SEALS and RECON units, as well I have 6 tours to Iraq with some Special ops in Pakistan and other parts of the world. I have done Overwatch and flat out kicking doors and searches, I have done defense in camp and out on Convoys! I have been blown up, shot at, and put through the wringer probably as much as any Marine Engineer. POG, maybe but one with some trigger time! Enough about me, if any of you want to join and are able too, I suggest find your nitch and like RndrSafe said Shut up listen and learn. My dad (Navy WW2) always told me better to have people think you are a fool than open your mouth and confirm it! Keep em guessing and if you need advise give me a buzz! I know this is late but if anyone needs this info!