scractch wut i said about the Iraqis


What I meant to say, fell ow military enthusiasts, was soming more along the the lines of a very strict curfew on the Iraqi populace, because as it is now not a single iraqi can be trusted at all, for instance the man woman or child you speak to today could very well be the suicide bomber tomorrow who could end dozens of innocent peoples lives peoples lives. when a counquering nation occupies a country, no matter how cruel the deposed leader may be, many of the people will resist just because they feel threatened or apprehinsive and edgy. take the recent revots that have broken out all over Iraq in the past week, isnt that proof enough that the people of iraq resent even hate the American occupatian?!?! sothat is my reason for what i have said.
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Firmly and unmoving, about face :rambo:
Winning their hearts and minds by force, eh? :lol:
Doing what you have suggested would create MORE insurgents and might even lead to an all-out uprising, which would make us genuine occupiers instead of liberators. In the regions where it is neccesary, such curfews have already been put in place, but treating the entire populace as our enemies would be rather counter-productive, don't you agree?
they already are in a practicly all-out rebelion as it is!! read through my post again and mayhaps you will understand :x
"Mayhaps" they are not in an "all-out rebellion." There is a huge difference between an insurgency and an uprising or rebellion. What is going on in Iraq is an INSURGENCY.
No offence Redneck, but the fact that there are at least a dozen citys, Falluga, saddam city, and najaf in the forefront, contsitutes as a rebbelion. :evil: :evil: :firedevi:
:oops: sorry i didnt know that. but it was probably renamed sadar city because of the rebelion that sadar finally decided to spring. any fool with half a brain can see that this uprising has been in the works for a plenty long time.
Well I figured as long as we were being faced with the "facts," we should use their proper names ;) .
The problem with your claim of "uprisings" and "rebellions" is that it is not a massed movement by the populace, it is a mixture of foreign (Iranian, Syrian, and Egyptian for starters) fighters and indigenous militiamen who are trying to start such an uprising to disrupt the 30 June turnover of control to the new Iraqi government. Sherman can probably weigh in on this, but you see the same thing (escalations in violence) every time a new peace accord is attempted between Israel and the Palestinians.
I never said they were "mostly" foreigners (although it might actually be true), but due to the foreign nationals we have killed and captured in Iraq fighting us or otherwise acting out, I'd say there's a very good chance that there are some outside influences in these insurgencies, if you get my meaning ;) .
the type of fighting is to inspire fear in the hearts of americabn soldiers and marines..... the fact is most of the population is fed from birth that america is sin and must be abolished because of what we supposedlly do.... as the americans show that they are better than that we win over the hearts of the people... the ones who fight are insurgents(ignorant fools sticking to the old ways)... but the majority of the population i am sure doesnt want anymore violence they are just the average civy and want peace and prosperity... to suggest that thier is rebellion is not true because the majority of the population doesnt want this violence but peace and freedom... what the americans are giving them not war and tyrrany.... what sadr is giving them... he needs to be stopped :rambo: