They stop by every now and again, but who you see presently have kind of inherited the role of old timers as of late on this forum.

Also, if you didn't know already, Spike passed this last June. RIP

I'm RSTA and I browsed these forums when I was younger. I've grown up and have some experience now. I did some scouuting stuff and some Infantry stuff. I remember a few things if you have a question pertianing to my background.

Google the username if your curious.


Welcome! So sorry I am late welcoming you! I was out sick.

I started my Military Police training in Feb 86. Prior to that, I joined the Para Regt reserve in Oct 84.

I was a year and half old in Oct of've confirmed it, you're crazy. Anyone who would jump out of a perfectly good aircraft has got to be!
I said I joined the Para Reserve, I didn't jump, my unit was disbanded before I could complete my training and I transferred to an infantry reserve regt Liverpool Kings. ;)