Rabin's murderer.


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I just saw something about Rabin's killer on TV. He's in prison for life in Israel and now he want's to get married. As I understand it, this is a normal request for a prisoner in Israel. Now his request is denied, because if he gets married, he would be allowed to "consumate the marriage" and that would be a security risk. I'm not sure this story is correct, so I'd like Sherman105 to tell me if this story is true. If it is, I wonder if it is possible to deny him something every other prisoner in Isreal can do? Don't get me wrong, I don't like the guy, but if it is his right (that's what they said on tv here), I'd say he shouldn't be an exeption.
Yes, you are almost correct....
Rabbins killer was sentenced to life sentece without option of a pardon. He now wishes to marry, but hes request was denied. The reason is the he is not cconsiderd a normal prisoner, but what we call a "security-prisoner, that is he is considerd a risk to national security(same as the terrorists israel arrests...). Alos, he is a max-security prisoner, so he is not allowed to leave his cell....Hes cell is constantly viewed by 3 video cams, so to consumate the marriage would be imposible. Acctually, im pleasesd they found a leagle way to make him misrable. I hate that facist sob, and Im still sorry that Rabins security men did not kill this guy on the spot.
The situation sounds familiar, but I can't place it right now, could you give us a refresher on what happened?

Sure. In 1992 Rabbin was elected prime-minister. Rabbin was the head of the Avoda(Labor) left wing party. He reached the coclusion that the only way to stop the uprising in the territorys is by negotiations with the PLO. By 1994 Rabin sighned a peace treaty with Yasser Arafat, head of the PLO, a man responsible for the deaths of 100s of Israeli citizens. The Treaty called for the removal of Israeli settelments from the occupied territorys. The Right winged partys were outraged. Rabin was called a traitor, "pictures" of him in SS uniformes were carried by protestors. The fundamentalist rabbies in Israel stated that he should be killed. On 4th of November 1995, while leaving a pro-peace assambly Rabbin was assisnated by a lone gunner, Ygal Amir. Amir was religous right winger from the territories. He was convicted and sentenced to life, without pardon. Amir never regreted his act, and smiled trough the whole trial.

He knew her before he went to jail i think....But she was married....Now her husbend died....But im not sure about that...Not much of a fan.... :lol:
Don't think they have a death penalty in Israel. And from what I saw on tv I understand that this women has been visiting him for the last 3 years, so she met him while he was in jail. Is that possible?
Well how different Israel is, I mean than all those countries around it. You guys must feel really isolated. I know i'm going a little bit :eek:fftopic: with this but you know Israel ROCKS anyways.
Apart fron the law allowing detainees to lay down with their wives.
Well, only two people were ever executed in Israel. One was a Ltc accused of treason in 1948(and was later found inoccent... :?), and the other was Adolf Eichman(dont know hwo to write that), a nazi war criminal. Now, The Ltc was sentenced by a military court, so that dose not count. In civilian law in Israel death sentence is only possible for for Nzi war criminals and their assitnts.
arg, i say "hell no" to letting him marry. his action changed the future of the middle east dramaticaly, sure, rabin was unpopular in israel bc of his stance, but at the time, the suicide bombers were looked down on by the palestinians and were given little support by civ's. that was a time when peace in that area actually stood a chance of working, unlike the "roadmaps" which seem to pop up every couple of months.

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btw, just finished reading "Six Days" by Jeremy Bown, an account of the six day way, its a GREAT read. i highly reccomend it, it has an analysis of how what happened in the war has affected how the middle east is today.
Locke said:
rabin was unpopular in israel
He was? I mean I know "The Right winged partys were outraged." (sherman105) but I never heard that he was unpopular in Israel period. I hope sherman'll comment on this.
"Six Days" by Jeremy Bowen, Simon & Schuster, 2003, p 362.364

Rabin realised that however many tanks and helicopter gunships Israel possessed, it would never have peace while it tried to control the lives of 4 million Palestinians.... For months before he was killed, a poisonous cascade of hatred was directed at Rabin and his family, Rabbis cursed him. extreme right wingers waved pictures of him in a Nazi uniform. People believed it (Israel) was gods miraculous gift to the Jewish people. how, they asked, can a Jew return what God intends him to have?.... Violence pushes the extremists from both sides into the mainstream. Palestinian extremists found more people prepared to listen to thier bloodthirsty dreams, while Ariel Sharon appointed ministers who believed that Palestinians in the West bank should be expelled. when, in Rabins time, Palestinians thought the occupation was ending, suicide bombers were deeping unpopular in the West Bank and Gaza. Now Israeli tanks are back on the street, the bombers approval ratings are very high"

Your point is? That dose not say Rabbin was unpopular with everyone, just with the Right....Anyhow, seing as I live here and lived here then,I kind of know if he was popular or not.
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sherman105 said:
Your point is? That dose not say Rabbin was unpopular with everyone, just with the Right....Anyhow, seing as I live here and lived here then,I kind of know if he was popular or not.
:D I liked the man... the moment I heard he had been shot, I thought Isreal would go back to war, and they kinda did.... I don't see how there's another way to solve it then Rabin's way. Now even Sharon is trying to give the Palestinians some space. I hope it works..... and the right wingers'll let him.
They wont.....But what can you do. Eventually, people will wise up and elect a good left canidate(if they can find one).