R&R awarded after deployment duties??


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Another question!
Is it usual to give those that have just returned from deployment, say for 3 or so months, some R & R leave as soon as they get back? At least a few days off, or are they normally required to show up to 'work' the very next day?
Thanking all for your responses from an inquisitive mind.
Hey there........

Don't know TOO much about it..... Although before he left Dexter daid he would probably take his R and R when he got back from The Sandbox.

He's changed his mind since...... and has decided not to wait (IF he gets it at all)

So I imagine they CAN take it after.... but I am sure someone else can tell you alot better than I can
I can't speak for the other branches but the Air Force tries to give you a couple of free weeks off. You also have the option of taking your own leave.