quote on use of bayonets

Actually there was one bayonet charge in Vietnam. Only one in that ridiculously long war.

Only one if you live in the world where America is the all mighty centre of everything, and all other achievements are forgotten. But there was more than one bayonet charge in the Vietnam war. Australian soldiers from 8th Battalion responsible for several in the Long Hai hills alone.
My platoon came up with the motto:

"Cold Steel Feels Real" They would chant it everytime they were ordered to attention as a platoon.

Visit the above link to see what the US Marines are being issued as a bayonet. I have one and trust me, they are nothing to get misty eyed over. I can think of no better weapon than 7" of cold steel when you are out of ammo and in close combat.

My Dad made a knife out of an old Lawnmower blade. The blade itself was 10" long. He somehow tempered it so that is held a nice hard edge. The first 4 inches of the blade was double edged with the upper edge slightly concave (reverse curve).
I was told by a SF bloke from WW2 to have your thumb on the blade.......all the better for going between the ribs.
Bayonets were mass produced from cheap, untempered metal. They weren't meant to be a fighting knife as they were too soft and wouldn't hold an edge. They worked well for what they were mass produced for, to poke a hole in a man. In fact, there are more bent ones on the collector's market than straight ones.
Very true! In fact Bayonets are actually designed to be multi purpose field tools , opening ammo boxes etc, But along the same vein of bayonet charges, in The Falklands 1982 Z(Zulu) Company of 45 Commando stormed thier positions screaming Zulu! Zulu! Thier weapon of choice that night? Why the trusty old 1/4 length samurai sword!...If you're going to put the willies up somebody - Do it with style!