Question for the future military members


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As most of you know, I’m new to this forum. While “snooping” around I noticed a lot of young people who have a desire to join the Armed Forces. I’ve always been interested in knowing why you want to join and why you are choosing the branch you are. However, I won’t ask you anything that I haven’t answered yet. It’s only fair.
I joined when I was 19. I previously was enrolled at University of Arkansas. Let’s just say I had a little too much fun. I lost my scholarship so I had to do something. My life was literally going down the drain. While walking through the mall one weekend, I found my answer, the United States Air Force.
I must admit I didn’t join to “serve” my country. I was greedy. I joined for the money. More specifically, I joined for the GI Bill. As time went on however, I realized there was a lot going on in this world. The world, as I once thought, did not revolve around my life. To make a long story short, I now sever for my COUNTRY!
Five years ago I made a life-altering decision. Turns out, it was the greatest decision of my life. I can’t begin to tell all of you young people out there the pride that will soon follow your enlistment/commission.
Tradition, the Title of United States Marine, pride, honor, service to my country and fellow citizens, knowing that it's right.
First of all, I want to join the Marines. I want to join because I want to know that I've done something in my life, I want to help people, for my own pride, military teaches you things that you can't learn anywhere else, and lastly for the chicks 8)
airmanpatroler said:
To get the chicks 8)

Yep that pretty much sums it up.

Ahem, for the experience. My bro says its loads of fun :p

I advocate the duty of all healthy American men to serve, so lead by example right?

And also for the discipline and like Mosquito said, the military teaches you things you can't learn anywhere else.
airmanpatroler said:
To get the chicks 8)

HA! thats funny........ lol

As a "chick" of a deployed soldier, no chick that is actually SANE would choose a military relationship.... hehe..... that being said.... I still like a guy in his BDUs 8)
I can't explain why I want to do this so bad. It's been my dream since I was 6, and ROTC's makin it happen.
I'd love to join to firstly fulfill my dream of becoming a pilot for which I have held since I was 3. I also want to be able to travel the world, meet people from other nation's forces and be involved with helping in humanitarian emergiences and supplying ground forces. I guess that's why I don't want to follow the usual teenge boy's dream of becoming a fast jet pilot but to be a logistics pilot. I love big aircraft and the transport aircraft send you to more destinations all over the world. There is of course the plus point that girls like a man in uniform.
The amount of oppurtunities you have. Alot of ppl pay to go shoot a gun or go rappelling, when in the Military you are paid to do those things and do it right. And then there is the pride and honor!
hey I joined when I was 17 . I joined cause I didnt know any other way of life (dads and mom mil), serve my country,get benefits, college money, and I wanted to get laid lol.
I wanna join because God made me a fine instrument of warfare. j/k
...but really for the college, chicks, respect, and pimpness of a soldier in uniform. :cowb:

I want to join because of the experience, for my country's pride, and the hope that i can become a sniper and blow bad guys' heads off. .
...Oh and the chicks...
:rambo: :sniper:
I plan to become an airman in the Security Forces Command. I've always loved the military and law enforcement so i figured, go into a job where they are combined.
I enlisted when I was 17 and I mainly did it to get a college education and leave this shit hole called ny, but as I've been in DEP for almost a year and I'm about to leave, I realized that I want to do my part to protect the people I love. And I take pride in my country and I'm totally happy to be serving for it ;)