Question about being medically discharged...


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I have a question about the procedure of being medically discharged... My husband is currently at AIT, but he is having lots of problems w/ his knees/feet. He has been on profile now for over a month. He has been to sick hall a few times and even had to get a MRI. He got his results back and they told him that the arch in his feet fell making his feet flat and that his knees are inflamed. They put him back on profile and told him to come back in 2 wks. He can't pass his PT test because of it, therefore causing him not to be able to phase. This condition is something that has happened since joining and he thinks that he will be medically discharged because of it. He just got his orders to leave for Korea next month, but what will happen if he doesn't phase or pass his PT? Can anyone tell me the procedure of what will happen or how long it will take before he does get out if he is being discharged? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.