Power Is


Power is having people call on you the POTUS is the most powerful person on earth which means other people of power should call on him there is no need for him to travel any further than the Oval Office .:???:
In Denmark, POTUS is a brand of condoms. :love:

Gives "Hail to the Chief" a whole new meaning! :mrgreen:
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And you are exactly the kind of American who makes others see you as arogante and ignorant @ssholes.
I know what my country helps to ensure, but you´re probably too brain dead to understand.
Well JOC.
Fortunately, the vast majority of Americans I´ve met, are far more intelligent and welcoming.
Seems to me you are making a personal attack which is against forum rules you might need a couple days in the penalty box .
Apparently Tetvet is of the belief that might makes right...I wonder what would happen if he were king for a day....
Denmark hardly qualifies as anything close to power .

Maybe not. But we are one of the best friends you have in Europe

Denmark has the distinction of being the only Nordic country that is a member of both NATO and the European Union (EU), making it an especially valuable partner of the United States in a wide variety of endeavors in Europe and around the World


[ame="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erYpXzE9Pxs"]Obama & Denmark[/ame] Meant to post this here....
Putting things in prospective you've got the U.S. , China , Russia , Germany never ever count the Germans out then you've got Pakistan and India , Japan is still around and making noises then you've got everyone else and way on down the line visible only to those that exist there is Denmark .
Personally, I always enjoyed working with the Danish military while stationed in NATO AWACS. Very professional, along with the Germans, Canadians, Italians, and Brits.
He is a politician, what did you expect him to say.
Moreover, it´s from a Danish satire show.
I don´t care what thoughts you have about my nation.
I know what we are providing to the world community.
Bet you can´t identify Denmark on a world map.
Don't know why you're tossing rocks in my direction, the clip shows Obama's foolishness.
Power is being able to understand what a woman means by "Okay..." while rolling there eyes.