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Mine is Catholic, that is what I grew up as. I believe that there is a God and he does have divine intervention. He is our saviour and our reason for exsistance. I believe that one should live their life in accordance to the plan that he has set forth. It is difficult to stay on the right path and I think that he understands that everyonce in a while one will stray from the path, but as long as you find yourself back with him, it will all work out in the end. Human beings are not perfect and that is not what religion is about to me, it is about knowing what living life is for and working to obtain something that can not be taken for granted. I have studied Mormonism also. It is a very interesting religion. As with anything you really have to ignore advertisements and all that junk because they are biased and you have to go ut and study to get a true foundation for your opinon. I know a lot of catholics are against Mormons and a lot that I know actually dont care for them what so ever. Mormon religion is interesting to me I think regardless of the religous prefernece that a person has all who deserve to end up in one form of heaven or another. I enjoy getting other people's view points, I think it is good to gain as much knowledge as possible. I am just curious on what other peoples view points are on religion and life after death even if you dont have a religious prefence feel free to pm if need be. Thanks
I believe that science is the only truth. All religions are made up by prehistoric people to explain things or deceitful people trying to trick people. Science is based on tight inference and logic and is very materialistic.
Yea you have a point, but that point also supports a religious argument. Look at the way science and logic are so perfectly intuned and coordinated. Look at the way the world works, physicals, chemistry, commuinication, thought, mechanics, the planet, the weatherthe way the human body works, the way everything just work. I believe there's no way that could have happened without a Creator.
I'm Catholic. I agree with Future Ranger, some things are just so perfect and coordinated, that God would have to be involved. And there are things that science cant explain, like hosts turning into flesh, and bleeding statues. :cowb:
Actually... I recently saw a film and met a couple who witnessed these miracles. They came too my church and they talked about it, it was pretty sweet. :cowb:
I believe most of these things are lies and frauds. Others are natural phenomenons. Like meteor showers and ghost fires.
I know that people who devote their lives too spreading Gods word, would not lie too people. Especially since they witness it. Meteor showers and Ghost fire (which I have never heard of) are miracles. Some things you just cant explain, and scientists just explain Gods work. :cowb:
They are imagining things. There was a person I know who's car got towed and at frist they thought it was a sign from god.Ghost fires are not god's work, it's a natural process of the decaying of human hair.
Theres a big difference between getting your car towed, and a miracle ;) . Everything is Gods work, from being born, too dying. Science is explaining Gods work. Everything on earth works too perfectly and intricately for their not to be a creator. :cowb:
So when ever you don't know something you rely on god? the humans have for years liek the earth is the center of the universe and every thing revolves around it.
I rely on God all the time. I dont belive that the earth is the center of the universe, and I dont know any Christian religion that does. If I dont understand or know something, there is probably a solution, but some things you cant solve. We can argue until the cows come in, but I dont think we're going to change eachothers minds. We all have our opinions and theories. I guess we find out when we die. :cowb:
I'm an atheist. Or maybe agnostic. I've never spent much thoughts about that.

Let's say, I believe in what I can see. And of course I believe in the existence of oxygen although I can't see it... ;)
good morning actafool and dsj

please stay on topic. the topic is to post your belief (the denomination, sect or division). Why not start another post and discuss your theorys on what you believe there?