Post yer ribbons!

RifleMan said:
I dont hav a pic but i have the following

Meritorious achievement,Distinguished unit(bronze Star),Exemplary conduct,participation,drill team, community service (silver star), unit service (2 bronze),Sea cruise,Top Fund raiser,Fundraising (silver star)

I also have tandem rifles that go over my nametag

How did you earn Meritorious Achievement? What does your unit base on earning it?
ok i got distinguished unit, acadamics, leadership school, drill team, good conduct, dress and appereal, and longevity

Cadet Medal of Bravery
Lord Strathcona Trust Medal
Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence

I was susposed to recieve the Sea Cadet Service Medal.


But I aged out before it came out, or something along thoes lines I believe.
How did you earn Meritorious Achievement? What does your unit base on earning it?

Well, it isnt the unit that does it, it has to be given by the area manager. But you pretty much have to save someones life.

I did that, the fire dept chief wrote up a big letter saying how i was so good to my community and how i did cpr on the guy (btw i was 15 at the time). then i gave the letter to NSI and SNSI, and they sent it to the area manager. and yea.

so :rock: :cool:
this is after four years and now being battalion commander i have superior cadet, distinguished cadet, academic excellence,
academic achievement, perfect attendace let survice personal apperance, proficincy, drill tream, orienteering, commendation, good conduct, summer camp, varsity athletics, phisycal fitness, frotc athletics, parade, recruting, service learning, excellent staff performance and like a few others and a medal
To be honest, I don't even know what half of them are for. I am collecting them like a kid collects candy on Halloween. The only one's I care about are LET Service, Drill Team, Personal Appearance, Drill Team, Color Guard, and Summer Camp. Remembering the rest are just a hassle, especially since some ribbons change from region to region.
I have these (AFJROTC):
VFW Award, Achievement, Superior Performance, Distinguished Unit, Academics, Outstanding Flight, Leadership School, Drill Competition, Cocurricular Activities Leaderhip, Drill Team, Color Guard, Service, Extreme Excellence Challenge, Recruiting, Activities, Attendance, Good Conduct, Dress & Appearance, and Longevity.
I have
LET Service , Color Guard, SAI Descretion (Oustanding Performance- I had to assume command when none of the other cadets would), and Parade.
I couldnt figure out how to post a pic so its my avatar ha.
Ribbons! We don't need no steenking ribbons! (I'm joking guys). Commonwealth Forces, such as the Australian Defence Force, don't do "ribbons". It's a medal, or nothing. (Exceptions being seperate cloth or metal badges for marksmanship, Individual Readiness, or Military Skills/Recruit (Drill) Instructor.

So, my set:

Australian Active Service Medal with clasps East Timor and Iraq.
Iraq Campaign Medal
Australian Service Medal with clasp "SE-Asia"
Defence Force Service Medal (with clasps for 25 years service)
Australian Defence Medal

Skill at Arms (Marksmanship)
Individual Readiness
Military Skills Instructor