Poll-Most Dangerous Country.

Which country do you see as the most threatning to world peace and democracy?

  • Syria

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  • North Korea

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  • USA

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  • Israel

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China because although communism doesn't threaten world peace when you try to force it on other countries when you can't even get it to work then it becomes a major problem.
Have to say North Korea as you can't tell what the evil bastards running the place will do next to stay in power (lie, cheat, steal, starve, kill or maim).

I can still remember being in South Korea in June 1992 (Chorwon area to be precise), looking into North Korea and noting the differences between the two:

One alive and full of people trying to make their way in the world and their country a better place - the other an empty wastelenad where nothing moved.

One where soldiers were working hard to irrigate farmer's fields during a drought so everyone could eat and another where soldiers were only oppressors.

It rather reminded me of West and East Germany, only much worse!

Long term, China is a threat, but economic and political freedoms are on the mover there. With a little luck, they will be a democracy, or something very close, within my lifetime.

Sherman105: You flatter me, sir with that quote (Flattery wil get you no where with me, but do keep trying) :!:
China could pose a problem eventually.

Short term. Tiawan vs PRC could become a real to life issue, and depending on the world's stance (mainly the US) things could get ugly, and quickly. Though, this isn't likely (for the moment) as Taiwan businesses have over $40 billion invested in China, and China recognizes that while they would love to destroy Taiwan it would be in their best interest to turn it into a special administrative region, like Hong Kong or, due to its strong independent economy, a special economic zone like Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shantou, Xiamen, or Hainan Province. Taiwan

Long Term. The PRC's going to have some interesting dilemmas on its hands if it continues to seek economic liberalization while clinging to political control. The two are hardly complimentary. At the moment, China doesn't really have any other option than to focus on itself, fortify its economy and shop around quietly for future endeavors. One certainly cannot mistake the current lack of a capability for a long term disinterest in expansionism. The concept of a Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere is alive and well, a few hundred miles to the West of its former home.

What I do think we will see very soon, is that they'll become our major competitor for consumer markets, resources and political and military influence.
Just for the sake of thought provocation I'm going to say in the longest run the European Union will be the biggest threat to world stability. But that's not a country.
:eek: How? They can't agree on fiscal policy, let alone foreign affairs or military issues. Moreover, if the EU member nations go to all voluntary militaries, who will they get to fight anyone? The Russians? :lol:
the European Union will be the biggest threat to world stability

I don't think the treat of the EU comes from any potential military threat, but economically they could (thought I doubt it). Not for the world, really, but the US. The size of Europe's economy is approaching that of the USA's .. and the euro is climbing quickly. In order for that to last, they'll (Germany & France since they dictate much of the control of the EU) need the UK as a much stronger ally than it is right now. Germany is a social market economy. France is still shifting from dirigisme towards free market principles while seeking to retain their vast social program infrastructure. Since Thatcher, the UK has, regardless of the party in power, been moving towards a liberal market economy through American-style reforms. Much of the EU's recent success can be credited to the adoption of these reforms after they were tested and proven successful in the UK. The UK strongly supported these free-market reforms and that is the reason the UK has adopted a more favorable outlook on the EU. That said, much of the conflict within the EU stems from two opposing worldviews and economic ideologies, best exemplified by the UK and French models. The Germans move more flexibly because they are more comfortable than the French with certain free-market principles. The UK is radically opposed to the 'social justice' concepts which Germany and France would like to enshrine in all EU laws and regulations. These differences will most likely prevent a real and enduring alliance like the current Franco-German one, and in turn keep the EU as a whole from growing too powerful.

I would put the UN on a list of potential threats to society much higher than the EU. And PETA above the UN. :lol:
I'm with you there, RnderSafe, (about PETA), and the ELF and any other group of militant hippies. They're bad enough when they're just protesting, asking for handouts, and smelling bad, but when they get violent that's just a no-go. :lol:
How about the fact that even as they grow the people in the EU are becoming more and more anti-semitic and the government of the EU is trying to cover it up. Can you imagine living in a world where there was a power economically and militarily as strong as the US and anti-semitic? Sounds like WW3 in the making.
Well, that's just it - the EU isn't as strong as the US militarily, and won't be - not for a very, very long time, and by then, they'll have bickered and fought to much that the EU won't even exist.
I wish Sweden wasn't into the EU.. Seriously..

EU is just made for trying to build a defense againt US..

I say.. Good luck. :lol:
I know how you feel, Silver. I'm originally from Ireland, and they passed the vote to become part of the EU. I despise the euro.
Russia may be a problem as well. Putin is a sly one, and hes slowly gaining more and more power. I too able skepticle of the EU, but not militarily. I think France and some other nations are taking away individuals rights.
I think France and some other nations are taking away individuals rights.

Yes, I agree .. mainly France and Germany. It's no secret that the new united Europe has evolved into an elitist oligarchy run by a clique of left-wing "knowledgecrats." However, unlike in the United States, one important political ingredient is missing in the new United Europe -- accountability to the electorate. The true EU decision makers are appointed not elected. They hold sway over a growing collectivist empire that extinguishes national sovereignty wherever possible and scorns the will of ordinary Europeans wherever and whenever possible.
Well, I'm sure you all saw this in the news, but France's outlawing of religious headgear is pretty disturbing to me. I know it's not my religion, but what's next? Banning Crucifixes? Prohibiting carrying a Bible in public?

First they arrested the communists -- but I was not a communist, so I did nothing. Then they came for the social democrats, but I was not a social democrat, so I did nothing. Then they arrested the trade unionists -- and I did nothing because I was not one. And then they came for the Jews and the Catholics, but I was neither a Jew nor a Catholic and I did nothing. At last they came and arrested me -- and there was no one left to do anything about it.

~ Rev. Martin Niemoller,
Nazi death camp survivor