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What Political Party do you say you are most in agrement with. Also Are You a Liberal or Conservitive and what region of America do you live?

I am a Liberal Democrat who lives in the South....A Rare Rare Creature down here.
Dameon, I hope you did not start this thread as an excuse to bash other members, or you will find posting anything at all to be very difficult in the near future.
I support the Second Amendment, Life Member of the NRA. I do not want to see the Social Security to get any more screwed up than what it is now. I have no say on the abortion issue, but have strong issues of protecting our borders. I smoke a pipe and enjoy a good cigar every now and then, and there is no reason why the price of gas should go up .10 cents a gallon in one day, and then ease down .01 cent a week. I believe in God and politicians are liars.

You figured it out :lol: :lol: :lol:
Environmentally liberal, socially liberal, economically conservative, foreign policy centrist.

There probably isn't a party in the world that would have me. :)
I don't hold with either party too well ... but I'm a Republican
Reason for being one? In the State of Utah, there are numerous positions for which you will only see one person (a Republican) on the ballot because no other political party bothered to run anyone. So the decision of who get to be what was sorted out in the Party Caucases. For those elected positions, there is only one way to influence the outcome -- be a Republican and get involved in the Cacuses.

I like some things from each party. I also hate things from each party. I like it that way -- I don't swallow either party's point of view when its bullcrap.