Political Discussions Opened again. Please read inside.


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The Political discussions have been locked for a few days now:

Due to recent events in this particular part of the forum I've chosen to lock it for now.

I haven't been able to read many of the posts the last week (have just moved to a new house), so I will take some time next week to review the new threads and replies in here before I eventually unlock it.

If some of you have any issues with how this forum is managed/run, or if you have any issues with the moderators please PM me instead taking the threads completely off topic.


It's been reopened again now, but I would kindly ask you to review the forum rules again before posting in here.

We will enforce the rules (even) stricter in this part of the forum, since some of the threads have gone way over the line too fast before.

Please respect that others may have different views and opinions than yourself, and do not reply (in a flaming way) to posts you find offensive in any way.
Use the "Report Post" button or PM me or one of the forum moderators instead, and we'll deal with the post(s) as soon as we're online.

Thanks for understanding. :)