Pointless Wars

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still off-topic, but blackbeards men, in there final battle, were winning until blackbeard fell, then they immeadeatly surrendered to an inferior force and all were hanged in great britain
WWI was a row war,there were 20,000 casulties for a mile or so,but no,it wasn't pointles at all.Freedom is the best point to start a war
Sapper said:
Pointless wars? The Spanish-American war of 1898. Damn, we should have invaded the US mainland instead of losing badly in Cuba. :D

I disagree, it made the US into a world super power, before we had proved we could win a war on our own territory, now we had proved we could bring the way to the enemy.
There really are only 2 wars in american history that are pointless WW1 and Vietnam. Although if it wernt for those 2 wars we would be the people we are today. WW1 we really had no reason to even get involved with because it didnt even threaten us. It just had to do with a bunch of tight a$$e$ that signed a bunch of stuiped alliances to "protect" them. But if it wernt for WW1 we wouldnt of had WW2. Vietnam was pointless also due to there was absolutly and positivly no point in going helpinng out a bunch of people that didnt even like us but it changed the US because of Drugs, Sex, and Rock N Roll.
WWI was a very justified war, it was a direct threat to us

I guess this would mean that we should have not taken action in WWI:

The Zimmermann Telegram
February 24, 1917

In January 1917, German Foreign Minister Arthur Zimmermann sent a telegram to his minister in Mexico, to inform him that unrestricted submarine warfare would soon resume. If that action were to induce the United States to declare war on Germany, then the German representative in Mexico was authorized to propose an alliance with the Mexicans. As an inducement, Mexico would be offered the opportunity to regain much of the land lost in the Mexican War (New Mexico, Arizona and Texas).

The telegram containing these instructions was intercepted by British Naval Intelligence. However, Prime Minister David Lloyd George decided to withhold the note from the Americans for the time being. Over the next few weeks, the United States drifted closer to entering the war. Germany resumed its submarine offensive on February 1, which prompted the U.S. to break diplomatic relations two days later. American public opinion stewed for several weeks.

On February 24, the British revealed the telegram's contents to American officials. President Wilson realized that the time for equivocation was over and released the text of the note to the press for publication on March 1. The impact on public opinion was immediate and silenced all but the most ardent German supporters. A declaration of war would follow in a little more than a month.
Know your facts then.....

DontEatAnAnimal said:
I never knew that. Thanks for the Enlightenment.

Maybe you should research the subject or at least pay attention in US History courses. Everyone can have opinions, but to change peoples minds you need to talk from the facts.
Dumbing down of America.

Doody said:
you'll never find that info in the history books. Today's history books are not that good for detailed history

That is sad, but it doesn't mean that when debating, that we should research the suvject....

Semper Fi.
Canada was still part of the crown then....

GADefence said:
How about the war of 1812?

Damn. . . Canada really should have kept the land we got from America. . .

You mean Britain should have kept the land.....
Re: Canada was still part of the crown then....

Lil Hulk 1988 said:
GADefence said:
How about the war of 1812?

Damn. . . Canada really should have kept the land we got from America. . .

You mean Britain should have kept the land.....

When we left Britain, that land would technically have become ours.
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