Picture of NK

Is it true or just photeshopped?

Italian Guy said:
Fox meant NK is his enemy because they jail and torture and starve their own people.

Yeah, but most of those soldiers probably didn't become soldiers because they wanted to invade other countries. They either did so because they'd be branded as traitors otherwise or because they thought it was the best chance to feed them and their families.

sandy said:

Sub way station.(Shelter

You gotta admit, it looks pretty sweet. Almost like Moscow's subway stations.
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If I recall, North Korea's major cities such as PyongYang experience a daily rountine of black-outs settling around 11:00PM.
Bulgar Soldja.

It is a satellite view of East Asia during night time, all the bright spots are lights from the cities. Notice that the area of North Korea is quite dark by comparison to China, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan?
And it is so due to the extreme poverty of the country. No lights at night, no electricity. Ironic for a country with nuclear capabilities to have no energy at night.
Those Poor people!
And, worse
This winter,NK was hit by worst cold wave this 30 years.
Escaper say.
In poor villages, a lot of people freeze to death.