Personalised user title.

The Highway Man

Brit Pack 2I/C
My personalised user title has been deleted, have we had a software update that has removed it?


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I have just spent 2000 bucks in the px on replacing my user title and its still on the old one, can admin explain why please or am I on the naughty step? :lol:
Dearest Red,

Please hurry back so that The Highway Man can again claim his title of being a member of the glorious "Brit Pack" .. lest we shall be hearing about this until the end of time.
That was really strange.
I haven't changed anything in a while, so it may be a small bug hiding in here somewhere..

Can you PM me the user title you want, and I'll try to change it for you?
In answer to your questions boss, yes and yes twice!!! I re-purchased it when the old one went AWOL! It should read - The Brit Pack. Ta muchly. ;)
Ta muchly, greatly appreciated. Can I be even cheekier and ask to change my user name to BossHogg? I use that name on all the other forums I visit. Thanks in anticipation. ;)