Paul Bremer tells the truth.

Well, well, didn't Paul let it slip the other day. He said he didn't have enough troops while he was the Iraqi Administrator.

But he quickly followed with "the US numbers are OK now!"

Condi was quick to cover the breech in the defences saying something like "Paul Bremer was not in charge of troop numbers".

Kerry and Edwards are swooping in for the kill now.

Iraq survey group found (surprise surprise!) no WMD's at the time of the US invasion but I think there is something in the report for just about all points of view.

Some of you guys must be tossing and turning in bed at night worrying about how the media war is slowly slipping away from Bush and his pals.
how the media war is slowly slipping away from Bush and his pals.

....? Everybody knows media bias is to the left, what are you talking about?

But it's obvious we didn't have enough forces to secure the country at first, lots of looting.
That's just true. Not enough troops from the start.
Probably not very professional of him to let it rip like that though.
aussiejohn said:
Iraq survey group found (surprise surprise!) no WMD's at the time of the US invasion but I think there is something in the report for just about all points of view.

About that, the US just looks really stupid now,but in a few years Iraq will be a tourist hotspot and have a booming economy.
That is, if the bulk of the Iraqi people embrace democracy and defend their new freedom, otherwise they'll be just like the South Vietnamese.

The difference being that, unlike the communist conspiracy theory, the terrorist state is a real threat to the US, and the world.
the media bias is not entirely to the left. Fox is the largest news channel(more viewers than the others combined) and it definately leans right.
That's a good thing. A bunch of channels giving it to us one way and one huge channel giving it to us the other way. We can watch it all and make a semi informed decision about what to think.
Bremer said that we have enough troops now so that no one would get the wrong idea about what he was saying. If people thought he meant that there were still not enough people there and it would fuel the draft junkies in congress. Yet congress voted against it the other day, maybe Bremers statement swayed the vote in congress.
Thanks guys, your comments about the media in the US are interesting.

I was watching a world news item on TV last Thursday. You may have seen it. It may have no bearing at all on US military numbers but it was captivating television.

An Australian journo was embedded with a company (I think but may be wrong) of US troops in Samara. They had to take out several insurgents who were firing from a building about several storeys high. Bullets were flying everywhere!!!!

The US guys were pouring all sorts of ammo into the building but these Iraqis??? were still firing back. The commander of the company requested air support but it was refused! He then asked for tank support but it was still refused (this is all on TV!). After several hours, they were then ordered to go in and take the building on their own without any heavy support. Bravely, these group of soldiers went ahead and poured heaps of munitions into this building, but the insurgents still kept on firing back. Innocent civiliations on the street were unfortunately killed during this engagement.

Suddenly, firing came from another direction. The US company (with the aussie journo) returned fire. About 1000 rounds were spent until someone realised that the engagement was between two US companys. They were firing at each other!!!! The other company fired a smoke flare and the firing stopped.

I hope this just was just one bad day. Surely this does not happen too often. The media will have a field day on this sort of thing.

Samara has been taken but can it be kept secure from future insurgency action. Do you have the numbers to hang onto the real estate? Many people around the world are asking this question, including people who are glad to see Suddam removed from power in Iraq.

The insurgents who were defending that building seemed rather brave sort of people whatever you think of their reasons for firing on the the US forces.
Just some clarifications.

Fox News has the largest cable news audience. Their audience is still a fraction of CBS, ABC, and NBC.

And the major media in this country has it's ranks filled with left leaning or at the least Democratic Party members (Pew survey, 2004).