Patton.... best quote ever.

Patton's most "self-serving" quote.

"Give me an army of Citadel men [supposed reference to Gen. Mark Clark] and I'll win the battle; give me a handful of VMI men and I'll win the G__ D___ War." (circa 1944-45)

Supposedly said to "make points" with his boss's Boss, General George C. Marshall, a "VMI man" and author of the post-war Marshall Plan to rebuild Germany, Europe and Japan -- and the World Economy. Patton attended VMI for 1 year (The "Rat Line") before transferring to USMA, West Point. He is arguably the 3rd most famous "VMI man" after Marshall and Stonewall Jackson (not saying who is 1st, but Marshall is the only VMI graduate of the three).

Ye Olde Goate
"Olde Goates don't 'fade away', they just 'butt out'."
Patton would not have said the "MF" word.

It did not become a popular expletive until well after WW-II ('60s - '70s for "white folks").

I believe the correct quote is "meanest Son of a B____ in the Valley" -- that was one of his favorite expletives. I believe it translates in Russian to "Secum Sum" or something that sounds like that.

Not a quote, but just as good: On March 24, 1945 (my date of birth, BTW), on his initial crossing of "his" pontoon bridge across the Rhine, the first "assault crossing" of the Rhine since Julius Caesar, "Old Blood and Guts" stopped in the middle of the bridge to "piss in the Rhine", a custom supposedly, according to Patton, passed down from Caesar.

Ye Olde Goate
My favorite quote by Gen. Patton is a toss up between these three.

May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't.
- General George Patton Jr

Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way. -
General George Patton Jr

Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.
- General George Patton Jr

I try to live by all three of these, especially the last one.

Not sure, but I believe Patton actually said: "Either LEAD, FOLLOW, or Get the H___ out of my way."

If you "clean up" a Patton quote by removing the expletives, it's no longer a quote, is it? And not nearly as endearing with the originality and emphasis removed. Best you can do is "dress it up", so that it's still "recognizable".

Ye Olde Goate
Gen. Geo S. Patton:
You name them. I’ll shoot them. (to Eisenhower)

Any jackass can make a good decision. making the right bad decision - now, that’s an art!

I love war and responsibility and excitement. Peace is going to be hell on me.

God deliver us from our friends. We can handle the enemy.

Wars are won by people who actually go out and do things.

The best way to defend is to attack and the best way to attack is to attack. At Chancellorsvilly, Lee was asked why he attacked when he was outnumbered three to one. He said he was too weak to defend.

Reporter: Will the Nazis go underground when the Allies get to Germany?
Patton: Hell yes, Six feet under!

On Field Marshal Montgomery crossing the Rhine river “Monty is scheduled to attack on the 24th (March 1945) but first, he has to make sure every truck in England is parked in a straight line, he has to put every man in a perfect new uniform, oil every damn rifle, and make sure the King has his breakfast. Then he may attack. Unless somebody shoots at him first. Then he’ll have to start all over”.
As told to me by my granddad. "I don't give a dump if it smells off. It's booze, and you've earned it! Now drink up Soldier!"
My father stood 50' from George S Patton during WWII

My father stood 50' from George S Patton during WWII. He was in the 99th ID under Pattons 3rd Army. Out of an entire Company of men him and 2 other guys were the only ones to survive the Battle of The Bulge. Over 150,000 American men lost their lives in the matter of just 1 1/2 months. He heard Patton say. "I do not give a sh*t how many sons-of-Bitches have to die every day, we are going to win this Goddamn War."

He went on to fight in the Battle at Ramegan Bridge and help liberate the Buchenwald Concentration Camp. He the served 11 months after the war assigned as a jeep driver for the Top Brass at the Nuremberg Trials. That is where the ashtray and cigarette box came from I posted photos of. Off of one of the tables at the Nuremberg Trials.