Paranormal Activity

I was always told by my father and grandfather to have respect for the dead, that way they will have respect for you.
But thats the dead, not demons from hell. I like the end of the movie best, that was when everybody in the theater REALLY started screaming
Ha ha I saw it, I didn't get scared, movies don't really get me scared like that, and besides, if some shadow demon is about to wack me, then all I would say is "its been fun" cause why die in complete fear, when there is nothing you can do,cause for me?

If I could chose a way to die, it would be in a helicopter crash, yea it would suck in the end, but spinning around like that, would be one hell of fun ride with me yelling all the way down. Ha thats the kinda of person I am.

So yea a ghost flick didn't get me going that much. But no doubt it can get your lady friend under you arm in a second. :)
Meh I got ghosts at my forest home. Saw this once.
Ran like Hell. Never leave without a weapon.
Hell nah.jpg