Our new toys


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sorry couldnt resist :oops:


Id like to place an order for two submarines and four jets heavy on the stealth and speed. with very low drag. And make that to go if you will. Send the bill to Mark he wont mind. :D
no its a frigate....ok its a destroyer but the name isnt political correct anymore here....so its a new frigate class....

no artillery?...lol...ever heard of the PZH2000?

sherman105 said:
Man, they just took a SPA 155 turret and put it on the boat...dang...

My thought exactly hehe

The sub uses the AIP Fuel cell Stirling Engine, right? (i havent read the info you provided yet so it might be in there) Those things are nice, the worlds best none nuclear propultion systems. Can say under for about 20 (thats what they count for) days :D Sweden (kockums) made a simular engine but it doesnt use fuel cells so its not quite as good nor quiet as the German system. The swedish sub can stay under in about 14 days. Very nice stuff germany got there! :)
It uses the PEM fuel cell engine.....dont ask me details, im no shell shover, im in the army.....
And it can stay under water up to 21 days
Pollux said:
no artillery?...lol...ever heard of the PZH2000?

We are getting a few of those in a couple of years.. :D:D

I withdraw my comment on artillery..
A PZH 2000 turret on a boat, Nice!!!!! :D :rambo: