mmmmmm... :?

I think I'll get a lot of character after this Redneck... 8)
Oh Yeah...

I found out the reason why it hurt that much...
A piece of bone that used to belong to my own skull :shock: was sticking through the meat where the tooth used to be... :?

Kids, don't try this at home!!
I heated up my leatherman (to sterilize it) and pulled out the bone!! 8)
A lot better now, but I don't recomend home surgery!!

How's that for character building Redneck! :D
......... :? ........

A piece of your skull?


And no, I won't do any home surgery, have done that enough when getting glass in me for example.
You're a beast, sir. :wink:

Not quite as bad, since I was able to use a mirror to do it, but a few years ago I knocked a chip out of the back of my skull and about four months later it showed up on my forehead, so I made an incision and it popped right out. Still have it in my desk. :lol:

Excuse my while I go stare in the mirror and make kissy faces at myself. :lol:
:D :D :D :D

I don't feel a thing today (or last night), so the home surgery really worked!! :D :D :D
I feel your pain! I just got mine taken out last friday, but this last week feels like its been a month! I can stand a good deal of pain.. but for chrissake...

I had my two upper taken out and the roots were into my sinus canal, so when the doc removed them it left big gaping holes into my sinus (at least they felt huge) I was on percacet, that didn't work out so well, with the vomiting and itching. So, I had to go back.. they told me to take MORE percacet, and being the good soldier I am.. listened. Damn me. It got worse. I went in again.. apparently I am allergic to percacet (always good to know). The doc had to go back in (the holes weren't closing so he had to do it manually).. and then put me on codeine.

Codeine works much better ;)
Wow, nataliemarie, kind of giving me the heebie-jeebies there. I've go a real nasty story about oral conditions from when I was working in an ER a few years back, but I don't think it's quite appropriate. But when I saw it it actually made my stomach turn, which had only happened before with bad burns. :lol:

they did tome again....yesterday,upper and lower left...the operation was much more painful for some reason...5 shots of novocane and all...fine now though...every minute awake is done icepack on..got no wisdom left... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
they use novacaine when pulling teeth?!?

okay damn BAS!!

they told us because we were marines we really dont need novacaine.

Hell, they just handed me a pair of pliers and a ball-peen hammer and told me to go nuts.

Beat that. :lol: