Operation Summer Pulse


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Recently, I have been reading a lot of "rumors" on the internet about US Operation Summer Pulse 04'. Most of the things I read lead me to beleive that this operation is being conducted for China's veiwing pleasure. I am curious if anyone knows the facts about this operation. I would also like to to discuss opinions on the outcome of such operations, feasability of such operations (i.e. can we afford it), and what political motives may be driving such operations?




According to media, it seems that there will be 7 CBG's on exercise this summer.

Two things for sure:

1. The big show will get no enemy killed (but a friendly fire kill to own people is higly possible), a show is no more than a show :D

2. If the intension is to piss off some country, that country will prepare and treat you more as enemy. Better make friends than enemy if you are not a fool :D
Were do I buy a ticket?

"Bull Run episod II here I come to save the day...." :lol:


FlyingFrog :D

Sir this have to be one of the most silent military exercises "I have ever hear about." *Lmao* Not a singel news line or report of operation Summer Puls in the Swe press I can assure you. "And the tickets have to been sold out in advance." :lol:

"FlyingFrog..... Are we living in a Matrix World or have the IIIWW started?" If you lived in sweden as I do you would probebly be the last one to know. Even the eskimos would know it before us. :lol:

Did the exercises go well?


Sir Doc.S,

I really thought this Summer Impulse would be a Big Show catching a lot of world eyes, but it is so quiet indeed, and it is now already OVER :D

I digged some info for you just in case you cannot find them :D


Questions raised over timing of US war games:

The USA Carriers never got within 10,000 miles of China. Enterprise never left the Atlantic. The CVN in the Gulf never left.
In other words this article is nothing more than scare-mongering and BS.
Summer Pulse was designed to test the new concepts being worked out in fleet operations. Nothing more, nothing less. If there was a "warning" for China; it was a warning fabricated in China.
It seems to me that we're about to bite the hand that feeds us. If we get in a war with the Chinese, we'll end up beating them and us at the same time. We may win the war, but we will destroy our own economy. That doesn't seem too intelligent to me!

Thank you sir.....

Well your article is the only news I have had the pleasure to read, and as the person I am I always like this kind of news, that help me to go forward that is. I wonder if a man can get some form of civilian PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder out of boredness when it comes to the news they show here in sweden. Well If not that one. PTSD because of all the things that a man see on the tv as Live 9-11 september 2001 that thing got me turned up in combat mode X-2000 ready to get up to dads house arming myself with the 12g ready to kick ass for the american nation ASAP.

But when the war started down in Afghanistan there was little on the local news here in sweden. Well there was demonstrations of the pre-com groups and the other hippie movements that were here including the new military young leftwing that almost started a civilwar in Göteborg the same year. And then now the Iraq and the most interesting with that war was a Norwegian female journalist that was neutral as a journalist should be in the middle of Bagdad when the city fell to the American boys over there.

But now we have flodd, fires, and the local sports that taking every minute of the news on the gouvernment controlled network. Yes of course there is some news from Israel too - But from the news nothing is objective it is shown from the Palestinian friendly camera eyes point of view and thats why that conflict have lasted 45-60-70 years? No longer is of any interest for me more then with this wall building that turned the terrorists in the throats of eachother and on the PLO that I found amusing for some change. :lol:

Well the news here is bad and as a person that want a correct picture of the situation in the world today have to look for themself or very hard behind all lines to get a good picture of the reality. So thanks FlyingFrog for the article of news.

Most Sincerly:

Sir Doc.S :D

Just a bit off topic:
Your Sweden is like a Paradise in most world people's view, Northern Europe is simply one of the best places in the world :D

For me, after I got "a lot of university educations", lol, I know both China and Western countries, reading not only Chinese official sources, but also Chinese anti-communist sources, and also Western sources, just try to know the truth :D

Pity Sweden is just a bit too small :D
If you live in a big country, then you will be flooded by "millions" of news, good and bad, every day, so I have to be very selective, there are simply too much to read :D

Thank you FlyingFrog for those kind words really..... :D

Well for some people I belive sweden would turn out as a real Utopia but I think I am just in the wrong country at the wrong time period. We got the worlds most good looking girls for an example, well I didn´t complain when I was younger but when time goes by and a man gets some perspectives on his life and the world, the world is by far to interesting for me as a person to be locked out and I turn my anger at this country.

Well Sweden is a perfect world for people that aren´t interested in the rest of the world and politics and military related issues and things that will effect all human beings destinys by all means. Maby this is a haven of lost souls that are just drafted in to the slaughter but I am in the wrong place thats all and yes I can understand why it looks so perfect as it does in this country from the outside. But as I believe in all nations world wide there is a zone that turists don´t see. I live in the middle of it and I suppose that my dream to leave this god forsaken country is a dream that will be forfilled. No secrets about were I want to move I think. :lol:

Operation Summer Pulse was just another big event that our media never mentioned and that is something I have to live with as long as I stay in this country. That is a fact of life when a man lives in the middle of this Utopia shit storm. ;)


I do understand your feelings towards a too stable country like Sweden, sometimes it maybe bored :D

Well, Summer Pulse was neither reported in US media, it is only a Big News for those people who are concerned, but for most people who don't care, it is just a fallen leaf, come with wind, gone with wind, leaving no trace in man's memory at all :D