O.K.....What do our men and women do for entertainment ???


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To all our military men and women....

I just thought since I'm new...I'd start with a good controversial topic...this will be entertaining ....hopefully!!

And also would like to say.....I'm Canadian...and very proud of our good men and women who are representing this good country!!!
Basically the same as you would do in the civilian world. If you are in garrison, which for a Marine sucks, you get nights off and junk like that and you still get most weekends off. You go and do things like most people: got to the bar, go to a show, got to the bar, go to the gym, got to the bar, and got to the bar.
So you're a marine?

I'm thinking there should be better things to do beside the bar.....do you have guitar or do you like to write? Read? Gamble? Play games?

Actually where are you from?

How about a little clean practical joke?

My uncle had a practical joke everytime we went to house when we were kids....

He took a tea cup and filled it with water.......and put the handle of the tea cup through the crack of the door ....just above the last hinge......and ask me to grab the tea cup handle from the opposite side of the door....he'd tell me to hold it until he came to the other side.....as he was going to show me that he could magically move the tea cup handle through the bottom hinge....well of course we thought he could do it.....so as were holding this tea cup full of water ......he'd walk away and leave us there holding that stupid cup above the hinge...as kids we knew we'd be in trouble if we let go of that cup so it was up to him how long he wanted us to sit there.....I know sounds corny....but it sure made the rest of the kids laugh their heads off....try that one on your buddies....

There was always something new ...everytime...the dancing hairs....card tricks....

Do you guys have tournaments or play chess....checkers......

Is that kind of life....boring.......... exciting?
Yes, that sounds corny and childish, as you get older pranks become different. Also, a lot of guys/gals go and hang at the bar, dance, play pool, watch games. Goin to a bar doesnt mean you have to drink if that is not your thing. We also use to rent trailers on the beach and go down for the weekend and party and play sand volleyball, chase women. i have to admit, we were a very rowdy bunch and we didnt care about what might happen or anythig. We did what we wanted and had fun doinit. To each their own. i will not go into to detail about the things we did, most of them are not good but I had fun anyway.
Ya it's true .......we do grow up and the games get a little more complicated......but I suppose the bottom line is that nobody gets hurt and it's good for a laugh..And I suppose everyone has their own definition of entertainment...

We've done some pretty stupid things too....Like....racing down paved subdivisions on horseback at midnight (fullmoon) in the fog.....half corked...you know one slip and your toast......but you never think of the consequences....

Playing the stocks have become one of my newest interests......I'm practicing with a game they have on the net....virtual stocks played with real money....It's fun.....although now they want to convert the shares into reals shares on the LSE....and I'm not too sure what to do as in the "game" the virtual stocks you cash in .......you don't have to pay taxes on them ...cause they're virtual shares and when they convert the shares to real....and cash in....you're probably paying around 40% taxes on your gains....so what to do eh? Will it get exposed to more people ...therefore at least a 40% gain??? LOL! Winter months are long here in Canada....

Then there's the world game......who's going to get elected....what direction are they going to lead us in....do I buy a house while the prices are so high and interest rates are so low? Or wait for a possible correction? Is Europe going to be the center place of the world once again....Will the U.S. loose it's power or simply alien itself with Europe (young Lion)? Is it possible that international bankers know what will be before we do?
Who will negotiate the peace treaty between Isreal and their neighbours...(enemies?) ......

Hey....the world is full of entertainment......But if we can keep ourselves as innocent as children, and think like an adult....I believe we are farther ahead than most.
mostly eating, sleeping and sorting various kits out otherwise having a night cap at a bar or something... When not being in the gym.

Did I forget to mention the gym?
You guys need some excitement! I joined a gaming club that may help....If you're all surrounded by boredom.....this will pick things up a bit...U.S. soldiers can't join till sometime in the first part of 2005....(closed juristiction)

It's a mix of things .....Internet + relationship marketing + gaming....

Anyone want to have a look? .....It takes a bit to figure it all out....but the concept is brilliant...especially in the SMG. I'll put it in my signature....next post if anyone is interested
Well a few of my Marine friends got back from Iraq this summer and they spent almost every day convoying around the island on their motorcycles. Of course, that was the best way to get girls at the same time. BTW, that was in Hawaii.
I truly pray for all the folks in Iraq....It must be insane there.....

Ive never been to paradice...(Hawaii)
gringo said:
I truly pray for all the folks in Iraq....It must be insane there.....

actually, I find insanity to be going to a busy mall after coming back from Iraq. Life on a deployment is extremely simple. Too much stimulation after one is a bad thing

Writting home, working out, sleeping, reading, watching movies, playing board games, computers, wrestling, bsing are a few things that soldiers do to pass the time on a deployment.
So is it kinda like the rig workers who are out in the bush...(deserted area) and when they get home they just want to kick back...watch some T.V....RELAX....

I'm sorry it's probably a terrible comparisan ....but I have two sons who work on the rigs...and they've come to rely on the calmness and peace of home when they return....

The work out there is hard and dirty...a bit lonely....and they appreciate the familiarity of family and friends when they get back.....they gear up two or three days before they head out again....(mentally and phyically)but they truly love what they do....the money is good...they are learning all the time.....they meet very strange and very cool people ......all at the same time...they say "the cool guys make them feel strange...and the strange guys make them feel cool" The longer there out there ....the more they learn....the faster they're promoted....the cooler they get.

So in some instances there might be something in common with alot of the fellas who work out of town...country...where ever.

You basically get the job done .....try to keep yourself and those with you safe......and get back home to your reward.....

And believe me...the reward for you fellas/gals is worldwide respect....and admiration.


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thanks for the support. I forgot to mention that before.

your comparison has many similarities to military life on a deployment. So you are all good!!! 8)
OOPS!!! My applologies....I didn't read that part of the rules.....I will donote some bucks ........to who ever wants them....10 mill...If I can find the donate link?

So let me get this straight...the name of the game would be to start a conversation that will create interest....?? Lots of posts...lots of bucks?

O.K.......I know of one that has to do with entertainment that seems to create a lot of controversy......Do you want to get started.....
For fun:
•I blast my motorbike through the hills or down by the beach on nice sunny days
•me and the mates take our trail bikes out bush.
•I go to bars and drink to much.
•Ute musters (plenty of drinking here).
•Wake boarding.
•Shooting (no drinking while shooting).
•Drink some more.
•Have a barbeque with mates (drink more at the barbie).
•Smoke to many ciggies.
•Read books.
•Go four wheel driving.
--Hmmm, I think I might drink a bit to much--

I do a lot of outdoor stuff with the mates mainly. Friday and Saturday nights are spent on the town.
Looks like I'd be in the detention house if I was in the Army!!!
:oops: Oy....!

Hey....you want to read a deep book....Have you ever heard of C.S. Lewis??? This is not another geeky christian author....he very normal and "real" ......he wrote a book called "mere christianity" that was originally a radio show broadcast back during the second world war....so many people tuned in that they decided to put the script into a "book" form.....he's brilliant.....GOOD book ....but it takes a while to get into his writing style.....he puts things into prespective....not so much about "religion" but "life".....

Any way....It's Rememberance Day today.....It's so cool to see everyone wearing poppies ..........I just wanted to send a word of great thanks and appreciation to all our veterans who have paved our road to freedom.....Many many brave men and women today also deserve a great word of thanks for maintaining and keeping it that way.....May God Bless you ALL!

AussieNick........Life is good eh?