Now this is what I call NEWS!

Del Boy

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It is reported that scientists in USA have created the first synthetic life form; it is single cell, built block by block, called Cynthia and can pass on life with the same DNA. This hopefully opens the possibilities of overcoming a great many medical problems, but of course creates its own controversial dangers.

Now that's what I call NEWS!
In the tradition of men like Oscar Wilde; perhaps they can now build a life form with a brain :) Sorry for the joke my American friends.... it must the European in me...
Synthetic life form; single cell; built block by block; called Cynthia; can pass on life with the same DNA.

Hmmmmm……………! A woman?

UPS! Did I say that? :whip:
Title gender is an 'it'. Other info is that it has already reproduced billions of times.

Implications are enormous, of course.:shock:
Does everyone have their zombia apocalypse plan ready? Mines only 50%complete as the wife doesn't believe that it will happen!!
Mine's been ready for years. As my ex always said, you can never be too prepared. :mrgreen:
Bah... plan, schman! There's no point my planning thanks to my local topo.

I live within 10kms of my city's CBD, at the rear of a set of 3 villas, I'm surrounded by other houses, and I live next door to arterial roads which will be clogged because everyone will be trying to use them.

The driveway constitutes the only entry/exit from the house (even by foot), and pretty much nowhere to go after that thanks to aforementioned arterial roads. Not that that stops the wifey buying whole boxes of Tuna at a time, and I think we have about a 9 months supply of Milo.

So when Z-Day hits, unless they're the original slow-moving George Romero variant, I'm soooo dead. :smile: :shoothea: