Notice:topics in the Military Related Disussions forum


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I have made this clear before but as we have new members I will mention this again.

The Military Related Discussions Forum is meant for, well, military related discussions. While it the first forum on the list and one of the most important, it is not a General Discussion Forum. This is the role of the General Chit-Chat Forum, which can be found further down the main forum index. As our administrator took the time to set up different forum categories. There are also many other categories, each for a specific role.

Therefore, you must use the correct Category. When you don't, you not only make me clean up after you, but you also show basic disrespect for forum rules. So, as it becomes apparent, it is not in your best interest to do this. As the habit of posting topics that do not belong in this category is picking up again, I am going to return to my own old habit of either moving them without leaving a shadow, or simply locking them. The first measure will be used with relatively new users, and the later will be used with experienced users.

This is a community, and for it to operate well, the regular users must assist the Admin and Mods by respecting the rules.