non-military joke


heres the joke,

theres this long haired punk, a complete loser school drop-out and all around SOB. one day, he's walking through the mall and he sees a black-top, cherry-red dodge viper in a show-room, that night he decided to talk to his dad about it. so he says"dad theres this black-top, cherry-red dodge viper in the show room at the mall, cani please have it" his dad says no so he tries again"dad, you just gotta let me have it or ill go insane" so they go back and forth for a while until his dad finally gives in on three conditions:
1. get back in school and get straight A's
2. go to church every sunday
and 3. cut his hair to a normal lenghth

so the son gets back in school and sure enough, when the quarter report card comes in he's got straight A's.
so he asks his dad" dad, now can i have that car?" "no, youve got two more conditions to make" his dad says.
so the boy goesto church, about a month later he comes home after church, singing praises and yelling at the top of his his dad asks him whats going on" today i got saved, im on fire for god and i want to be just like jesus!!! so can i have my car now?" "no, you havent cut your hair yet"his dad says"but dad, i want to be just like jesus"he wails"and jesus had long hair" "i know, son. and juses walked everywhere to" :lol:

i heard this joke from a air force seargent at an airshow while on duty. hope you liked