New and representing the 535th Anti Aircraft Artillery-Automatic Weapons Battalion

Greetings, I'm new to this site and found it by chance this afternoon.

My name is Ray Fernandez, and last year I had the honor of being selected by the Veterans, as the President of the 535th Anti Aircraft Artillery - Automatic Weapons Battalion.

The 535th AAA participated in the D-Day landings on Utah Beach, fought in the Battle of the Bulge along side the 99th Infantry (Checkerboard), at the Remagen Bridge, and many other battles. My father, Ray Sr, was assigned to the 535th AAA, A Battery, 7th Gun Section.

We hold yearly reunions for the Vets and I hope, thru this site, to contact others that have ties to the 535th. There are many Vets out there that may not know these reunions exist.

If you have a family member that served with the 535th, or was assigned to a unit that fought along side them, or know of the family members of a deceased member that are researching, please contact me.

God Bless our Veterans

Thank you all for the welcome. Hope to begin volunteering with some local Vet organizations here in Colorado very soon. At the very least, start displaying my restored 1944 GPW which has been marked and dedicated to the 535th AAA.

Thanks again.

God Bless our Veterans
Support our Troops
535th Anti Aircraft Artillery


How do I get a hold of you? I've got a grandpa who was in the 535th AAA who is still living. He's 93. I've been trying to get some information so I can ask more specific information about his experience. He's a wealth of information. I live in Napa and it looked like you and one of your posts makes me think you might as well. But I also saw one that makes me think you live in Colorado. Anyway, I'd love to talk with you at your earliest convenience. I guess I'll check back with this site to see if you get it.

My dad was in the 535th AAA AW Battalion

Hi, Ray!
So happy when I saw your post!
I have had a hard time finding any info on the 535th AAA AW Battalion...
I am an associate member of the Veteran's of the Battle of the Bulge here in Columbia, S.C. My dad's name was Glen Eaton, he was from Virginia, and he was in this battalion. I did not find out until recently what battalion he was in. His records were blurred and I could not read them. But, my cousin found a couple of old letters in some of my aunt's things and his battalion number was on the front of the letters. I was so happy!
I would really love to talk to someone who might have known my daddy. Do you think your daddy would remember him? Could you ask him and contact me back? I would also love to know about any reunions for this battalion.
Thanks so much! God bless! Tina Eaton Blackwell, Columbia, S.C.
also There is a website to request your dads service records if they ae still in existance i believe in the 70's a building burned and alot was lost/damaged
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hello ,i went to brymore school in cannington near bridgewater somerset england in 1985 to 1988 and remember we was told about 535th Automatic Weapons battalion of the US Army was billeted in the house and grounds while they prepared for D Day, ime trying to compile some photose if any of this time ,yourse sincerely fred
if anyone had a family or knows of a vet from the 535 please contact me asap. ive got a diary with pictures i need help with my cell is 919 750 7327
For your information I live in Cannington, Somerset UK. Brymore House in the village being the 535 UK camp prior to D-day. We now have a memorial to the 535th in our local Parish Church. Although they left here for the big fight at the end of May 1944 we had one of the temporary buildings being used until two years ago.

A couple of years ago I was able to locate a copy of 'Battalion from the Mojave' Vol. 1, the part referring to their stay in the village. As I am collecting anything historical concerning the village this will now be included in our archives.

I am producing a booklet concerning people from the village who died in the two World Wars. This is to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI on 4th August 1914. There is a page on the 535th included in the WWII section. Do you have an illustration of the 535th shoulder patch. I need an illustration to head the page, so far I have been passed a 99Div. s/p but would like their own patch if possible.

Any help you can give. Thanks
To Mr. Ray Fernandez

Mr. Ray Fernandez, I happen upon your posting about the 535th Anti-Artillery Battalion. My father William Comerford served with this Battalion in WWII. Being in poor heath, he was able to make his first reunion in July 1977 up at Mackinak Island. He passed away in Nov that same year at age 54, but fulfilled his deepest desire to see his comrades before he left this world. (I have a group photo of those that attended this reunion.) Although my dad never spoke much of his service in the war, like many Veterans seem to keep bottled up, after his death and having what information he did talk to me about, I began to research his Unit. With information not available on the net at the time, I began to write several letters to sources I thought could help me. I finally received a letter from his Commander, Robert Bricker who was gracious enough to send me information about what my father's duties were in this Unit, a copy of the book, Battalion from the Mojave and a map of where the Battalion served during the war. Robert Bricker has since passed on and I doubt there are many left from this Battalion, so to come across someone who has taken an interest in the same Unit my father served in and finding more information about this Unit available online, I can speak for my father and his comrades, including your Grandfather, in telling you that they are surely pleased that what they endured and the sacrifices they made are finally making it out into the world for future generations to come.

I would be more than happy to share what I have with you should you desire. You can contact me at my email, :salute:(there is a underscore between char and comerford)
Hi Char, my Grand father George Bruining Jr. served in the 535th in A Battery, I'am trying to pull together info sense I never talked with my grandfather about his service before he died in 1998, My uncle gave me the Battalion from the Mojave v1, and I just recently purchased thru amazon a hardbound copy of v2. I have a lote of his pictures from when he was training at camp Haan, and various pictures from over seas, the trouble being not many have any info with them. please feel free to contact me at here are just a couple of the pictures I have.
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535th AAA-AW Bn

Sorry to everyone, I have off this site for quite a while.

To Brymore Bob in Cannington England, try looking up John and Betty Edney in Somerset. I think John was on the Village Council for a while. They spent a lot of time with members of the 535th at/near the Brymore School. They have some great stories and history.

To Racing Flea: with the photo diary: is your phone # still good? or send me a PM and we can email


Ray Fernandez