National Anthem


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Don't just list your country's list one you like the tune for or the lyrics...

I like the Deutschland uber alles (the uncut version)
MY favorite is the national anthem of the former GDR, it had better tunes and lyrics than the "Deutschlandlied". Too bad, they didn't take it as the official hymn after the reunion. :?

Other anthems I like are the "Hymn of the Soviet Union", the "Star-spangled banner" and "God save the queen" which has the same tunes as "Heil dir im Siegerkranz".
I'll say the Estonian national anthem so I won't appear that biased. 8)

The Soviet anthem was also really solemn.
Irelands rugby. Il look for a link for it, Its Irelands call.

France rugby fans sing thiers is unreal.
I like the Welsh anthem, but I am rather biased. I agree with dougal's view on the English anthem.