My Unit Didn't Contact Me!!!


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When I elnisted, i was told my unit would contact me within a week. That was over three weeks ago. I've got less than a week until my first drill and they still havn't called. I called and e-mailed my recruiter every day for two weeks with hardly any contact (a few times he said he would look into it) and tonight he finally gave me my unit's number. I'll call them tomorrow. I'm kinda of upset. I can't help but feel a little bit like they don't care about me now that i've signed.
I can't help but feel a little bit like they don't care about me now that i've signed.

Well, essentially they don't. You won't really be an asset until you've completed BCT/AIT/OSUT. Your recruiter did his job, and you're no longer a concern for him either. Don't let it bother you. Once you start drilling, you'll feel more welcome (see Dark's post) ... and maybe even make a few friends. There could be many reasons as to why they didn't contact you .. depending on the unit and location, things are pretty hectic right now. Welcome to the Army!

My advice? F.I.D.O.
F**k It, Drive On.

You should make some friends pretty quick, I wouldn't get too worried about it.
You are National Guard, correct?

Don't worry about it, just show up at your drills and you'll be fine. Don't get you face pressed into the grinder for too long. :D
Yeah, ARNG. The problem WAS that my unit hand't contacted me to notify me of when drills were (or where they were for that matter). Nobody told me anything. I ended up calling my RRNCO 900 times and finally made him get my unit phone number for me. Then i called that 5 times per day until i finally got him to send me a schedual. It's all fixed now.
So you haven't completed basic or AIT? Don't be surprised if you end up on KP or some other lovely detail. Don't get upset because as Rndr said you're not an asset to the unit at this point and if they're going to pay you then they will put you to work somehow (or at least they should). When is your first drill? I'd love to hear what happens.
I didn't realize you could attend drills without being trained but, if that's the way they do things in the NG, that's all the more reason I'd like to hear what they do with untrained recruits.
I thought that I told you that Split Op is not the best way to go. I was a split op, it sucked. You are completely untrained, like Rndr said you are not yet an asset. They best thing you can do now, is ASK QUESTIONS. The guys in my unit were great about training me up for basic. When I left I had fired an M16, thrown a dummy grenade, and even got to drive a Bradley(but that was a little less than legal), But do not be afraid to ask questions, I don't think I can stress that enough. FIDO.
My first drill with my unit, I went to the field. Talk about mind warping. I was a litterally brand new 17 year old HS junior who got dropped into the NG with a bunch of guys who were almost old enough to be my fathers, and some (1SG) were even old enough to be my grandfather. Most of the guys in my unit, because we were so close to Lejune and Bragg, had done some AD time. My SQD LDR was 24th ID in the first Gulf, my Team leader had his long tab, and my PSG had a combat jump and CIB with the 82nd. You can learn so much from these guys just listen.
I couldn't do much besides watch them and learn how to dip. Which to my regret I still do. Hell there are worse things. They taught me how to do damn near everything I would need to know at basic. I had an entire Infantry squad training me on what to do. Not only did they begin teach me how to be a soldier, they also taught me the value of good NCOs. They also kinda hid me away so I wouldn't get tapped for sh***y details. Didn't always work though, my last drill I had to go do Brigade KP. Talk about painful experiences. Having a bunch of fat spoons tell me to do their job for them, was like someone pissing in my Copenhagen. But, the other thing that my squad taught me came in REALLY handy, the art of the sham.
Rndr, could you imagine something worse, or more sacreligious for that matter? My copenhagen is sacred. Anyone who attempts to defile my Cope, is as good as dead. :lol:
JaegerWolf08 said:
Rndr, could you imagine something worse, or more sacreligious for that matter? My copenhagen is sacred. Anyone who attempts to defile my Cope, is as good as dead. :lol:

I've had nightmares since you first made the comment. :x Being CONUS at this time, I'm under orders from HH6 cease and desist my usage of Copenhagen. :cry:

We all know REAL men chew Redman, dip is for the weak of heart

Just wait until you get your first crusty NCO - Ye shall learn the ways of the hooahs. :lol:
I was never able to master the lip control necessary for dip, I think I'll just stick to the wad of leaf in my cheek that has been my safety blanket for the past decade :lol: .

Sorry about all the off-topicness, Sunset, I hope you don't have too unenjoyable of an experience your first drill :lol: .
Copenhagen is what real men chew. Redman is for those, you said it yourself, who cannot handle dip. I have done nearly every tobacco product under the sun. Copenhagen is the best by far.