My problem: "In my town they believe about USA and Nazi Germany"

I'm sorry my fellow Swede, I don't comprehend what you are saying.

I would appreciate a discussion about the Holocaust. This is a matter we all need to discuss. What the Nazis did (not the Germans) need to be discussed and we all need to learn (I don't have much faith in the learning part, but we can leave that)

The scientific approach is to study the steps toward "the final solution"and not what happened after the Wannsee conference. The body count is journalism and not science. Does it matter if they killed one million or six million, the method of doing so is equally disgusting.

Although Statistics cannot tell the human side of the story. A slave laborer being brutally worked to death. A Jewish Child be murdered, Russians pheasants being herded into barns which are then set ablaze. The numbers do help to show the enormity of the crimes.

Victims of the Nazi's Genocide total viewpoint?