My poltergeist experience?

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I was invited to a friend's house for two weeks with my mom. This friend of mine lives abroad. We flew there.
Now, they're Asian and Buddhist. They strongly believe that the dead are not really dead and that their spirits still stay with us, around us, in the house. That was a totally new experience for both mom and me.
They have these paintings and pictures of their late dear ones, they call them 'the elders, the ancestors', and since the sense of hierarchy is deeply rooted in the Buddhist culture, they respect them a lot. First off, they offer them food, fruits and water all the time, since they are supposed to be with us they see no reason why they shouldn't feed em either. And they talk to them (to the pictures) every now and then. They have these sort of altars at home where they keep pictures, light up candles and so forth.
As you can imagine mom and I made a lot of fun of these things: we are pretty fun people so when we went back to our room we would laugh about it. Noone could understand, though, since noone else spoke Italian there.
Now we used to stay at my friend's mom's house, specially the first week, there was a guestroom upstairs right next to the bathroom. In from of our room was his mom and stepfather's room. In fact, my friend's dad passed away years ago, and his pictures are all around the house.
During our trip, though, depending on our different daily schedule, we also changed house, so that mom and I found a hotel for 3 nights, and slept at my friend's brother's house a couple of nights too.
This latest house was where we spent the second-last night, and since we had just had a large crab meal and it was pretty late- and we would have our flight early the next day, and since his brother had promised us to drive us to the airport, we were almost sure we would spend our last night there, and we enjoyed it there quite a bit too.
But my friend and his wife insisted so much on us to move back to his mom's place so that they could come pick us up the next morning instead than his brother had to do that.
We would have preferred to stay there but they were doing us a favor so we said yes and moved (bags and all) back to mom's house (which was another town more on the way to the airport).
At his mom's house lived his mom, stepfather, brother with wife and baby (upstairs) and very old grandma, who lived downstairs and could barely move since she had some type of paralysis on her legs. My friend and wife lived elsewhere.
His mom and stepfather, though, used to leave home extremely early in the morning, still at night. They would get up and leave at 2 am everynight.
That last night, it was around 1 am when my friend and wife dropped us off there, so we weren't sleeping yet when mom and stepfather left. At 2 o'clock as usual we heard them moving and we saw them leaving with their cars from our window- they didn't see us of course.
Now mom is a pretty shy person, so she doesn't like to occupy the restroom when other people are around, she's afraid of being intrusive and prefers to use the bathroom at night, when possible, while everybody is sleeping (in this case my friend's brother and family) or has gone to work (his mom and stepfather). It was around 2:30 when she went to the bathroom.
I want to make it clear that the bathroom was right next to our bedroom, so that you could easily switch the bathroom light on just stretching your arm out of the bedroom door.
So she went to the bathroom.
Almost immediately I started hearing these noises coming from the bathroom itself. They just kept me from sleeping, it was too much noise.
I was positive I knew what it was: Mom is pretty clumsy person, so it had happened that she had locked herself in the bathroom one of the first nights and I had to go there, talk to her through the door, calm her down and tell her what to do to unlock the door without making too much noise and waking the others up. In fact she kept pushing and pulling the door and screaming Let Me Out Oh My God We Will Have To Call 911 and stuff. Yes she is funny I know.
This time it was the same. I heard her trying to open the door and then pulling it back and I heard all these noises and as if she was switching the lights on and off etc. That was pissing me off I mean that was rude I said to myself oh god now she's gonna wake em all up. It made me so nervous (since it had already happened and I had showed her how to unlock the door) that I waited before going because I wanted her to learn how do do that.
These noises therefore didn't scare me, and lasted around 30 mins. It was around 3 am.
She opened the bedroom door, her face relaxed and calm. I said: "What the heck were you doing? You locked yourself in the bathroom again? you made so much noise you could wake everybody up my god!".
She asked me if I was kidding: She said she had been washing her face, brushing her teeth and doing what people normally do on the closet (the long thing), so usually mom doesn't honestly make too much noise when doing those three things . Actually nobody does. On top of that, she wanted to make as little noise as possible in order to be left alone and feel free to do what she had to do.
So she said she didn't hear ANYTHING. I heard a lot of noise coming right from that door. It was so close and at 3 am no other noise can be heard.
We locked the bedroom door as usual and went to bed.

We wouldn't sleep though.

Immediately we began to hear a loud noise. It was so loud and harsh.
It was like a shovel when it scratches on a rough wall. It was so loud. It was apparently located against our door (which we kept staring at with eyes open wide of course) or against theat section of wall that divides the wooden door from the ceiling (around 40 cm there).
It was an irregular noise, alternated with pauses and then again. It was as if it came from something alive. Terrifying, believe me.
At times it scratched harder and at times less and less... then again as if something was about to enter that door or crash through the wall. Yeah the direction was certainly the door towards the bathroom. It came from there.
I immediately started to wonder what it could be. I said to mom: Wait, wait, let's be rational, if dad was here what would he say? What rational explanation would he give to this? I found none, we found none.
There was no attic above our room. There was the roof. A typical low roof with light bricks and stuff. Walls were thin and there was no air conditioning or heating system that was evident. Couldn't be a crow, a bird, a cat, a mouse. It simply would have had to be a mouse as big as a horse to make that noise.
It wouldn't have let us sleep even if we wanted to (which we didn't- we were scared to death). And it was so weird that at least my friend's brother didn't wake up.
Then, and this noise went on until 5:30, we started think about the first nights, and we agreed that- even if we never mentioned that to each other - these noises were present on our first nights too. It was just another house for us, we would just sleep and when you don't know a house you ar5e never sure there's no attic or anything. Now we damn were. Plus it didn't come from above but from the door or the wall.
Now that we were awake and conscious the noise was so clear. We thought it might be my friend's dad or some spirit who wanted to make fun of us.
By 5:30 I had to go pee or I would die. I had to go! We took advantage of one of the pauses and I unlocked and opened the door. Noone was there. I never expected I would find anyone there either though.
I peed, and both the bathroom door and the bedroom door were left open, mom was in the bathroom with me looking out. We returned to the bedroom and locked the door. The noise wouldn't come back.
By 6 am it was daylight thank god and the house was less scary with all those red candles and the dead's faces staring at you.
We went downstairs after using the restroom and wait for friend and wife to come pick us. We waited outside of course. Had I forgotten a 1 billion $ inside I would have never gone back I tell you.
When they came he helped me put the bags in the trunk and he was still out of the car when his wife asked me as always how did you sleep? Well I said Oh well you know there were weird noises like scratchiing on the walls, on the door, and we didn't really sleep - it was a subtle way of asking what the hell do you think it was?
My friend was getting in the car and his wife said to him "Heard? A noise like a scratch on the wall, that's weird and scary!". Anybody else would have asked what are you talking about? You heard what? y'know that was his house too, after all.
He nodded and started the car without saying a word.
My story ends here, but I can guarantee I didn't invent or make up anything. Mom says that if she hadn't been there with me she would think I'm lying.
This is it, guys.
I thought of a poltergeist. You guys? Then why did my friend nod and didn't comment?
Why did they insisted so much on having us move back there if they knew (maybe wife didn't but family) there was something?
Oh God I don't think I ever wrote such a long postin all my three previous lives! What are your explanations?
I'm not scared *puts pistol under bed*. Atleast not anymore. :D Just kidding. I didn't read a lot of it, just skipped ahead and saw loud noise and said "good part". :lol:
nah, we just think you shouldn't go see any scary movies in a while, be without a bit of garlic or holy water, or walk the streets without the "ghostbusters" as your personal escorts ;)

if that is what happened and what you heard, then thats just wierd
Well I don't lie, guys, nor do I have any interest in paranormal activities. All I know is that that's precisely what happened. I wanted to share it with you guys.
Italian Guy said:
nulli secundus said:
and said "good part" :lol:
Do you think I made it up, right?
Is that what I said? It just got too long that I skipped ahead and saw that part. I think after that experience under your belt you could see any scary movie and laugh at how fake it sounds. :lol: I got kicked out for doing that one time.
freaky. altho, could it have been a dog? my dog always scratches at doors until someone opens them, and maybe when you opened the door it got scared and ran away. i dunno, thats my explanation. i really shouldnt have read that, its 1:40 am, and i have an over-active imagination, im gonna have a nightmare, lol. anyways, thats my opinion.
Nulli, sorry I must've misunderstood what you meant, anyways yeah I might laugh at scary movies now.

Ghost, yeah of course I considered the dog or cat or mouse or small animals explanation.
But: there was NO dog in the house, nor was there any other animal. Plus, I think I can recognize when a dog or a cat scratches at wall or doors, it should haveb neem a dinosaur not a dog. The noise was very very loud, and noone else woke up in the house. I have cats and dogs myself, know what they do. It wasn't an animal for sure, man.
Hmm well since I dont believe in ghosts I will go with air in the water pipes or swamp gas reflecting off mars.

Oh wait the swamp gas one is for UFO's ok just air in the pipes that makes one hell of a noise in old homes and it usually sounds like its in the walls.
Why not ask your friend what he thinks it is? He sounds familiar with it and I'm sure has some explanation that let's him sleep at night. Maybe he can offer you an explanation that makes more sense than your imagination might. Otherwise you're liable to wonder about it for the rest of your life.
It's an interesting story, keep us posted.
DTop said:
Why not ask your friend what he thinks it is? He sounds familiar with it and I'm sure has some explanation that let's him sleep at night. Maybe he can offer you an explanation that makes more sense than your imagination might. Otherwise you're liable to wonder about it for the rest of your life.
It's an interesting story, keep us posted.

I just read your comment to mom who is sitting next to me now. Some people asked me the same thing: "Why didn't you just ask him more and more? I wouldn't have left w/o knowing!" and such. It is true, of course, but at that time I was somehow inhibited because of the fact that it might have been his dad, and he'd passed away, so it's not the easiest thing going to ask someone "Hey was it your dad scratching at my wall last night?", you know. Other than that, yeah I should have asked, I know. I'm still in touch with him now.
That's what I meant. Now that you're away frtom the situation, you could probably ask "what do you think that noise was", you don't have to bring up his dad directly. It'd be worth asking, don't you think?
DTop said:
That's what I meant. Now that you're away frtom the situation, you could probably ask "what do you think that noise was", you don't have to bring up his dad directly. It'd be worth asking, don't you think?

Yes. You're a curious cookie, ain't you man? :)
My little sister saw and described my great grandmother to my mom when she was little. She died in the room that we stay in when we go to my grandparents house. My cousin has also seen her - but my litttle sister never met her and there aren't any pictures really in there of her. Kinda weird. I always jump in the bed and pull the covers around my head and pull the pillows close in when I sleep there.

Also, my great grandpa died in my other grandparents house in the room across the hall/landing/big area that all the rooms are connected in from where i sleep. One night after I went to bed, I had to go to the bathroom and I opened the door and in every room on the landing (there are 4 other rooms that weren't occupied and a closet) the light was on. I about peed in my pants, ran and jumped back in the bed and called a friend on my cell phone who I talked to until i went to sleep. I always turn on as many lights as possible when I go to the bathroom now, and sleep with the TV on even tho I hate sleeping with bright lights. Scared the crap out of me - but I still stay there.

Oh yeah, and my house is settling and my cat randomly screams in the middle of the night. Talk about something scaring the shit out of you when you are trying to go to sleep. I also had a friend wake me out crying about the train is going to come through the house or something (we have train tracks in the backyard and it goes through in the middle of the night - I'm so used to it that I don't hear it anymore when I sleep) and it threw me off for a minute... until I figured out she was asleep and I woke her up. Shook me up a bit tho, cause it was something I had never heard before.