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Post here what your Dad or Mom did in the military. If you don't have a parent in the military feel free to talk about what your grandparents did.

As for me, my Dad is currently a Lt. Colonel in the United States Air Force. He's an Air Battle Manager currently working in acquisitions with ACC. He has been deployed for the Operation Allied Force but so far has managed to avoid a trip to the desert. That may change come January but we'll see.

My Grandpa on my father's side fought in Korea as a USAF MP. He made the military his career and also fought in the Vietnam war. The day he arrived was the start of the Tet offensive, he literally went from his airplane, to the armory, to the fighting.

My Grandma on my father's side was also in the USAF and that's where she met my Grandfather.

Lastly my Grandpa on my mother's side was drafted by the army during the Korean war. He instead went to his nearest marine recruiter and became a marine. He fought through the entirety of the Korean war and was at one point even served with papers to appear in court for draft dodging while in Korea. His CO was generous enough to get that problem fixed so he didn't have to return to the United States.
My father had polio as a child and was left with one foot a half size smaller than the other. This rendered him "unfit" for military service in Vietnam despite the fact he was VOLUNTEERING at a time when so many people were dodging the draft. He tried three times and was rejected.

My grandfather was a commo man, professional private, running lines from forward observers back to arty units in the Pacific for three years during WWII under "Dug-Out-Doug". His brother fought in Europe as a tanker in the 1st Armoured Corps.

My uncles served in Vietnam one was an Army supply sergeant, E-6, who spent his days in Saigon getting sunburned, drunk and selling off cigs and beer he skimmed from supply. While his brother was in the Air Force attached to MACVSOG as a "B-17 tail gunner". I will NOT tell you what he did so don't ask.

No females in either family ever served in uniform.
my father was in the iranian army. he was in the infantry and got out just before the iran-iraq war. hes got so many funny stories.
My dads in the US Army. He's a Master Sergeant, and a Master Gunner on the M1A1 armor platform. Right now he works for a CG of a Military Instillation and is training NG units by helping setup and reconfigure simulators, MOUT sites, and other types of trianing. He's always on a TDY trip, so far he's racked up 63 trips in two years and is due to a trip to the sandbox next year.

My mom was in in 76', she was a cook. She qualified Expert Marksman, but due to regulations about women in combat, she took an MOS as a cook. She was NG and was about to join active duty, but the recruiter lied and said she needed a High School Diploma, whiles she had a GED. Her rank was Corpral.

My Grandfather on my dads side was in in 53' , did three months in Korea before the war ended. He was NG also and stayed in until 1990 and retired as a Sergeant First Class, he was a driver and did many oversea's stations in the 80's.

And two of my uncles where also in, one was Army the other was a Marine.
My dad wasn't in the army, but his brother was a Vietnam vet and a career soldier in the Infantry (6RAR), then went to RAAOC towards the end of his career.

My grandfather was a sailor in the MN doing North Atlantic convoys during WW2, and remained in the Navy for approx 15 years.
His brother was a British Infantry Major in WW2.
My other Grandfather was in PNG (Kokoda) in WW2, in the A.I.F.
and his brother was a gun number in the artillery, Tobruk/PNG/Balikpapan
Both of my grandparents fought in the spanish civil war. My father´s father fought with the Fascists, he was a doctor in the front line. He had so many stories, many of them very mean..there is nothing worst than a civil war.He wrote a book about his experiences wich is incredible. The father of my mother fought with the Republicans, after the war he had to hide in the country side for 6 years and then scape to Mexico. He stayed there until 1965, when Franco gave an amnesty.
Mine was stationed in Engalnd as a B-17 navigator with the 8th Air Force during WWII. "H e l l's B e l l e s" was the name of his Flying Fortress.
My Grandfather was a SGT in the Royal Rifles of Canada during World War 2, and was sent to Hong Kong, where his unit was abandoned. He was 21, and according to veterans affairs was killed by enemy fire while defending his troops while they were putting together a hopeless attempt at a withdrawl. It must have been hell, but at least he didn't go to the Japanese prison camps. We all know what they were like.
Pete do you know at which of the following locations your grandfather was?
Wong Ne Chong Gap
Lye Moon Passage
Shing Mun Redoubt
Gin Drinkers' Line

The rest of the world may know little of the Canadians help in the defence of Hong Kong but it has earned Canadians a special place in the hearts of Hong Kong Chinese that still lasts to this day.
My grandfather was a sergeant in the Red Army, fought in WW2, defended my native city of Kharkov, also Moscow and a number of other cities, then advanced towards Berlin, which was taken. Fought for 4 years, came back without a scratch. My father was in the army 74-76, remained a private because he was an artist he didn't do much soldiering really.
My grandfather was in the merchant marines. He wanted to go into the Army, but his trigger finger was gone due to a woodshop accident.

I'm told my dad's uncle was in Vietnam.

I'm also told my grandmother's uncle was in WWI and died from some chemical or biological agents. And that my grandfather's uncle was a tanker in WWI also.
My grandfather was a Major in the Swedish Air Force.

My dad did military service but never did do carear in it. But some lovley stories none the less. They got the grade of beeing some of the best cheffs in the Swedish military, cooking great food on poor ingridients. He still love to cook food and hes still as awsome! :D
I am not sure man. We didn't have any info on him at all until 1996. He was with the Royal Rifles of Canada, so he would have served wherever they were operating. But thanks for the Kind Comment.
Pete031 said:
I am not sure man. We didn't have any info on him at all until 1996. He was with the Royal Rifles of Canada, so he would have served wherever they were operating. But thanks for the Kind Comment.

do you know the unit # that he served with? I might be able to find out through my "connections"
My dad was a Master Chief Machinest Mate in the U.S.Navy from 1945 to 1972. on Various Destroyers, on both coasts.
I could tell ya what my grand dad did but it'd make some people mad till I explained it fully.
my grandpa on my moms side was in the 101st Airborne in Korea, he was a mechanic. he got out before Vietnam, and died of a stroke a few months before i was born. hes the only person that i know of in my family that served in the military.
Iam German, my father is russian, my mother german.

My father was in the soviet army from 76-78. He was a fire fighter in Baikonur, the main base for soviet space missions (Moon, Mercury, Mars, MIR - Missons launched in this time).

My fathers brother - my uncle - was officer in Archangelsk (a base for ICBM's) for 25 yrs, the other brother was Mi-25 pilot, but also retired now. We had not much contact in this time, because contact with foreign contries was prohibited during the cold war.

His father fougth in 1940 in the Red Army in Finland
, was wounded and survived the war.

On mother's side grand-father was Sgt in the east german army. His father was Officer in the Wehrmacht, died 1945 near Breslau (today called Wroclaw/Poland).