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What interests do you all have? Just curious, since all of our conversations seem to focus on just one topic (the military oddly enough haha), I figured it would be kind of a kick to put some more intell out on the table, right?

Me, I like death metal, french art films with subtitles, and needlepoint.

Just kidding, I listen almost exclusively to Country (surprise there, huh?) witha bit of motown and classical for variety. Can't beat Westerns and war movies at the theater. And I spend most of my time in the summer mountainbiking and horseback riding and in the winter skiing and boarding. I also do a lot of shooting, got my first shotgun at age 6 and never looked back (qualified as expert with the M16 and M9 too baby, yeah I am that good :wink: ). When I'm not trying to graduate from college and finally get my commission, I work as a volunteer firefighter and construction worker back home. My wishlist for branching is Armor Military Police, Infantry, Aviation, and Quartermaster with a branch detail combat arms in that order.

Well, that about does it for me, let's hear about the rest of you all.
I like southern rock, and basically anything with a decent beat and good moral message. Im preety open to any movies that dont put animals as the protagonist and use humans as the root of all evil, and have never shot a gun in my life. I love doing absolutly nothing and watching football, and enjoy working out and participating in seasonal sports.
Sounds good, that brings up another topic, what sports have you/do you play? I played soccer, wrestled, ran track and cross country, and was briefly on a downhill ski team.

So, GuyontheRight, I take it you really enjoyed that classic movie "Cats and Dogs," huh? Haha.
My favorite genres of music include punk, hardcore, metalcore, techno, and rap. I don't really have a preference to any specific kind of movie as long as it isn't a musical. I wrestled for one year my freshman year of high school. I played in band from 5th to 9th grade. I am a news junkie. I enjoy reading mostky nonfiction, biographies, math books, physics books, history books, and religious material. I am actively involved in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship on my campus. I like to hunt birds or squirrels. Mostly just because there are so many of them I can keep shooting. I would be too bored to try to hunt deer or big game. My best hunting story is I had one round left in my .22 rifle and didn't want to waste it shooting into the air so I figured I'd take a shot at a hummingbird in a nearby tree and drilled it. Blew out the entire middle cubic inch of it from 20 yards away. It was pretty cool. Other than that I enjoy military anything even though I have never had any plans to go into it and will never go into the military though I've always wanted to. Guess that's all.
The irnonic thing is my family owns that movie, along with Finding Nemo. :roll:

Anyway some more stuff about me...I play high school football at a Maryland Catholic School(Defensive Back on JV) and I'll be trying out for varsity tennis this year. I enjoy playing gold, even though I avarage a 120 score on a par 3 course. I love to ski and kneeboard, other then that I dont do any extreme sports. I have a fat old dog who I love to walk, and love sports teams from Buffalo.

And today is my 15th birthday :D
Hey Happy Birthday!

Good to hear from you all, diplomatic_means, you are the first person I have ever heard of who enjoys reading those books, more power to you. Any reason why you won't be joining us? Come to the green, don't be afraid..... Haha.

Yeah GuyontheRight, my roommate decided that he had to see "Finding Nemo" last week, so we spent the evening with the girls downstairs watching the dang thing and listening to Ellen Degenerate's voice. It was pretty funny though because my buddy is the huge bastard who is right now trying to get on as a model for the Men's Fitness magazine, not exactly the type you'd expect to rent that movie.
Well that's definitely a respectable position, but to pull the recruiter card, there's a place in the military for everyone. Just kidding, do what you want obviously. We definitely appreciate all the support we get.

Music: Anything, JUST PLAY IT LOUD, OK!? :D
Movies: Most of them, as long as they have some big guns in them..
(hm, that could easily be misinterpreted??)
Hobbies: 8)

And now some serious answers:
I have a 1 and half years old daughter, so most of my time I spend with my family, or I'm working. (both with this site and my real work.. :D )
I used to skydive for some years, but I had to take a break from that last summer, so I traded my skydiving rig for some scuba diving equipment instead. :D
In the winter I like to ride my snowboard..
Because of my little daughter I don't have time for so many hobbies right now, but she'll get her first skydiving rig, scuba equipment and snowboard when she's getting three years old (or something like that).

But I get to do so much fun stuff in my work, so I don't really need that many hobbies anyway.. 8)
Sounds good, I don't know about tossing a three-year-old out of an airplane :wink: , but father knows best right? haha
Is there really all that much diving in Norway? It seems like due to temperature you'd need a dry suit and a bunch of gear beyond normal scuba, which sounds pretty intense, am I right?

Do you have the "Good Morning Vietnam" soundtrack?

Belated congratulations on your daughter by the way.
Norway does have a lot of very good scuba diving sites.
The water in the North of Norway is very clear, and it's a lot of old WW2 shipwrecks to explore there.
But as you said, it's cold, so we need to use a thick drysuit in the winter....

I like best to dive abroad. been a couple of times in Sharm El Sheik in Egypt! I can recomend it to everyone who dives or want to start diving..
The water is warm and clear, and it's an enormous life under the water! :D
A radiologist I used to work with in the Emergency Room was really into diving, and I believe she said she'd dove (or is it "dived" in this case?) at the same place in Egypt. Mentioned a whole passle of barracuda around there, sound like the same place? She also dove off of Thailand (where she was born) amid massive amounts of sea snakes, rumored to be the deadliest in the world, which her dive instructor didn't warn her about until after they had surfaced and several had swum through her hair. Myself, I stay away from the ocean, sharks are about the only thing I'm truly scared of, I wasn't raised around water and the thought of being unable to see, fight, or run away from a predator like those dang fish is pretty disturbing to me. Another reason not to join the Navy haha.
I am totally uninformed on this, but are the wrecks from the battle of Jutland accessible? I don't know what depth they are in or if they are protected as gravesites or anything.
Ida is a pretty name, there actually are a couple ladies named Ida that go to my church.
Thanks for the info on Jutland, that looks really interesting, I've always found archaelogical sites fascinating, they're sort of the real time machine, not to be too cliche or cheesy about it.
My interests..

Everything I can get on the car Saleen S7, Ford Granada, Ford Fiesta, Koenigsegg and Nissan, Mitshubishi, Subaru.

Politics as well, Mostly American politics and Russia politics.

I love streetracing, what can beat a adrenaline kick in 200+ km/h?

Going to study more to work with tattooing, (Or how the hell I should spell it :? ) I will work with cars as well, and have recently got a job as a model. I want to paint cars, not just paint them with one colour. I will make art on them, and tune them up. Nothing can beat getting dirty with a car. :twisted:

No kids, Err, Don't intend to get one either.. Well not in a few years.

I love to read psychology! And I love to analyze people.

I love sketching art.

I love RolePlaying as well as a hobby, Mostly fantasy or Sci-fi.

Hmmm, I like to dance.. No, not some boring dance, This is exotic dance.

Or, Exotic is a nicer word for it. :?

Tequila races IS my favourite sport!

Drinking beer and watch soccer is one of my traits too, as well as watching golf. :?

Love to learn languages, I am oing to study Russian and Dutch for now. :twisted:

Hmmm.. What else? Yeah, Err, I remember now! Hmm. I love palentology - Both to read and study.

I love to volounteer on help organisations..

And thats about it.. I will come back if I left anything out.


Do you plan to work or have you already worked on trucks at all? Something to try if you're really into vehicles is boonie-bouncing/mud-bogging/off-roading. Especially if you're into mechanics because you're sure as shooting going to need pretty much a complete overhaul after a weekend of any of those haha. Lots of practice.

What's "roleplaying?" I've heard people mention it before but have no idea what it involves.
I dated an exotic dancer once, you need to watch out for those girls, they're a bit nuts, they'll try and corrupt you haha.