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I am going to start a little trivia. Not too sure about the prize yet. but here goes one...

What is the only other mammal besides human's that have sexual intercourse for pleasure?

If any one feels that this post is obscene and should not be here let me know and it will be changed... Thank you
The Bloodhound Gang said:
Me and you baby ain't nothin' but mammals, so lets do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.. :D

I've seen on Discovery that chimpanzees also shares the same interests as us and the dolphins..

Interesting new trivia Munitions.
Looks like everyone wants their own trivia now.
Soon there will be none left to answer, everyones just busy finding new questions for their own trivia... :lol:
I thought it was monkeys too, or chimps, etc. I think we took something about it in Biology, but that class was in a room with padded chairs and I slept alot.
As far as i know it was dolphins... i never heard of any other mammals... Redleg if you feel that this is inappropriate or that i shouldn't have a trivia just let me know....
Don't take this the wrong way, but I am kind of proud that I don't know that much about the sexual habits of dolphins to be that sure Sunset. :wink:
Ya know... you have a seriously good point there. Hehe... the only reason i know is becuase i had a friend freshman year of High School that revolved her life around dolphins... this is one of her crazy facts i am unable to forget.

Stay on target, or this thread will be locked...
(it was just getting too bizzare now.... :? )
What was the highest ranking american soldier killed during WWII?

I am looking for his name, rank, and who he was killed by... I want specifics...
Major General Maurice Rose, KIA 31 March 1945 in Germany, leading his troops from the front, while trying to locate a 3rd Armored unit that had been cut off by the enemy.

edit: He was killed by the Germans.