Most Powerful Nation Ever...

I would have to say Rome simply because they were the major power in the world for a longer time thany any other.
I will have to go with America. Mainly because we are the most powerful now and would decimate the Romans. The UK was tough but dont forget the US defeated them outmanned and outgunned. Now if you say "what was the strongest nation in their time period?" Thats completely different. America doesent have as much advantage over the world today as the romans did in their time.
You cant compare the roman empire and the US with the weapons they have , how can you compare nukes against catapults etc. I would say the roman empire in its day was the most powerful nation in history, there legacy is still felt today. following that i would say the british empire as it dominated the seas from 1805 until 1945 and before that had defeated nearly every fleet sent against it, the empire covered 1/4 of the surface of the globe, it was the richest nation at the time etc.
Big_Z said:
"what was the strongest nation in their time period?"
Yes, that is exactly the question being asked, even if it's not perfectly phrased. Who is the most powerful nation ever in the history of the world, relative to their time period?

Interpreting it the other way is kinda pointless, isn't it?
IrishWizard said:
Who do you think has been the most powerful nation, at one time, in the history of mankind? Doesn't matter what era, just who you think was the most powerful and influential in its time.

I think, if going by just landmass its easily the Mongolian Empire. They could of conquered the world if the Generals hadn't of gone back home when they heard Genghis Khan died.

Did you read the beginning post?
Roman Empire - Ancient Times
British Empire - 18th and 19th Century
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics - 20th century
United States of America - 21st century
I would have to go with Rome, the empire, although much smaller in land mass than others I can think of, not only remained (relitively intact for a longer period of time than any other empire), but it's direct influence effects other nations that I have seen here on the most powerful list.

Therefore, Rome is the only choice for most influential.

This is my first post so don't be too mean about it!

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Baker, I've been making the case for Rome all along. The Roman Empire is unique in human history for 2 important reasons:
1.) They were completely unsurpassed technologically and militarily for most of their existence. They had no rival that could endanger them until the very later years of the empire.
2.) They maintained that supremacy longer than anyone. Has anyone EVER been so incomparably dominant for such a long duration?
Actually, Rome was conquered in the early years of it's existance, I believe it was the Etruscans, but that was when Rome was still just one city, not an empire, also at the same time as Greece.

The most powerful nation ever?
Interesting one: Great Britain clearly had the most powerful and greatest empire the world has ever known bringing peace, democracy, industrialisation, human rights, legal institutions and cricket to the world.

but actually, I would have to say the current American (Empire even?) is the most powerful nation ever simply because of their nuclear capability. Noone in history can compare..unless you count the Jews with the Ark of the Covenant?
you can't just send a nuke to any country you want. because with the current evolution of technology soon nearly ever country will have the power to destory the earth. but if the US could even think about sending a nuke to a country they would be stopped by the UN. you can't just press a button and immediately send a nuclear weapon to any country that you choose. the decision has to be reviewed by the UN.

as for the most powerful country ever in existance england controlled over 1/4 of the globe. now ime sure you all know how tiny the UK is. and to even imagine that a country like that could control 1/4 of the world develop the most powerful country at the moment the US and put English as the most spoken language I think that thats pretty amazing.

with people such as sherlock holmes ,william shakespeare and isaac newton and even now stephen hawkins.

its a fact that the US is the most powerful country but not the most powerful continent. europe.

sometimes i hate alot of americans who obviously believe that they could destroy the entire would at the push of a button.
The US copuld, just launch all there nukes and create a nuclear winter. But then hey would kill themselves so it would be pretty stupid!
no they couldn't not just like that without getting permission from the UN and even if by some miracle they did. they would be stopped before they reached there destination by computers