Most controversial general or incident in history

Well i cant argue about it,coz im not american butt i think that Hitlers hench men did a lot of STUPID stuff :lol:
has anyone noticed that as the years go by, generals get more and more controversial? No one really thought Alexander was all that controversial, I mean, these days people talk about how he leveled the entire city-state of Thebes in a calm voice, but when the war in Iraq is talked about, the arguments get really heated. Just a thought...
Oh, jeez, don't get me started on Mclellan! There's a paper tiger if ever there was one. All show and no go, as they say. Controversy... How about Napoleon? 20 something punk kid takes over a country and rampages about europe, beheadings and plagues, etc. etc. Talk about "interesting times".
Young 1 said:
(...) No one really thought Alexander was all that controversial (....)
Controversy? Would a gay General be considered a controversy? Alexander probably was one, you know. (I don't have a problem with that, it's just that I don't think the US ever had a gay general.)
Gay me think hard!!!
I think that in modern society it would not be accsepted