Military Uniform!

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BTW, are there two types of Boonie hats? I observed that one type is the one with the flaps which are harden and the other type are those which are soft. In My country, the soft type of boonie hats are called sniper's hat.

The difference in the stiffness of the boonie hat is because of the material it's made out of. Some are made out of cotton, while others are made out of a rip-stop material.

TRUPSEC is a fine company in terms of what they make. My police department buys TRUCSPEC made BDUs.

But the best out there in my opinion is Propper International. They have been makingh unifroms for the US Military since the early days of Vietnam. Their clothing is just better made.

And the Korean War era boonie hat is not worn in the US Military.

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Any moment is the US army going to change to digital Camo?
I heard tehy want all the troops in Iraq to wear the desert 6 color camo? is it true?
As to your question regarding Desert unifrom.

The 6 Tone Desert pattern is no longer in service. That was back during the Gulf War. Currently, the US is giving the new Iraqi Forces it's old supply of 6 Tone Desert Unifroms.

The US Army is wearing both the Three Tone Desert and the ACU Pattern unifrom. The main reeason is sipmly that we don't have enough of the new uniforms to give to our troops.

Too see the new uniform. Check out these sites.
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I saw the website! Wad is the diffrence between BDU pants and ACU pants? Can I know where can I buy it in Singapore?
The ACU is both a cut and a pattern. The ACU pants have a lower pocket by the foot for a spare magazine. Also the cargo pocket were redesigned. I'm not sure if TRUESPEC is making a BDU in the ACU cut. But I do know that they are making a BDU in the ACU pattern.
BTW, I saw the cut of the ACU pants. I noticed that the pockets are not straight, instead the mouth of the cargo pocket is slanted to one side.