Military books...modern tactics,modern weapons...etc


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I was wondering if anyone knows where i can find military books on tactics equipment..... or anything but i would only like to hear about the modern stuff....unless it was really good......thanks
At the swapmeet about a mile from my house theres this lady that sells books and she always has craploads of all sorts of military books. Where I get my fill.

At gun shows there are always people selling books, you'll be able to find a lot there. I'm sure they got those in Kentucky right? ;)
Well if you want a real great book on the best way to attack using tanks and other mobile artillery definitely check out the book Erwin Rommel wrote during WWII. Not sure of the exact title but many people interested in tactics dealing with tanks, etc. recommend it. Or even check out a book from MacArthur or Patton. Just goto a nearby Barnes and Noble or Walden Books.
Its strange...but one of the most informative sites that doesnt cost anything (yet) is the Federation of American Scientists FAS

These guys have an extensive database on just about all modern weapon systems the US has. Enjoy
They know (and print) things that the US gouverment still considers secret.

Not really .. what they publish is available to the public and isn't all that indepth or technical. You won't see any Series 60 or the like there. They do, however, have good, basic information in handy dandy little notebooks. Their Chem/Bio book is a nice little reference guide, as well as other publications. If you have the money to spend, and know exactly what you're looking for .. Janes is a good place to buy. Though, if you have the time to search around a bit, you can find most everything they publish and charge for on the net for free.