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135 US$ has been donated to the International Comitee of the Red Cross' "Children in War" program today.

Every month (from now on), a portion of the income from sales on will be donated to charity.

Read more about these donations, and post you own suggestions to charities here:
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$50 have been donated to the World Food Programmes work in Darfur, and $50 to the World Cancer Research Fund.

I hope they can find some good use for the money.. :)

New suggestion thread for September posted in the Suggestions forum.
Last months donation was sent to the Wounded Warrior Project. :salute2:

Suggested in this thread:¨

It's (unfortunately) been a couple of months since the last donation, but the reason is that the cost of the new server and the new forum software was a bit higher than expected in November/December...

But we'll hopefully be able to send out donations every month from now on. :)