Allso, if you play the trivias and win, you usually get some Mbucks(mush easier then the arcade,ask animal mother....)
Well it is kind of tempermental, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Once Redleg gets back, he may be able to do some technical stuff to help you, but I am extremely challenged in that respect. :lol:
Seriously, don't worry about it, I hardly ever get milbucks and I'm the highest posting member of the site, just give it a little extra time to reset itself.
You have to remember that the 100 limit does also count milbucks from replies to topics you have started.
So if you have started several popular topics, you can get a lot of milbucks from them each day, and your 100 limit can be reached quite fast.

If you want to check this you have to write down the amount of MilBucks you have when you log off each day, and compare it to the amount you have when you log back on the next day.

There are some small bugs in the milbucks system, but it's not a big deal so I'm not going to/can't do anything about that.
The MilBucks are just a cool extra feature in the forum, and being allowed to post in such a cool/great/awesome (add your own words) forum should be reward enough... ;)
Redleg I have no problem but on my first day here it stop at 50 points not a 100 but I adpated to the site I will live, but you still have a minor problem with the system.

I do like this blog you are a good person
I'm new, and I'm totaly lost here. I made a post and it gave me 10 bucks. ... so if I play games then I get bucks? is that the basic concept?
There a bunch of threads about it in this forum.

You get 200 milbucks for every highscore you have at the end of the month, max 500.

Welcome to the forum tough_girl :D
I have posted only a few tiems today and i think that i have not got any milbucks for that. I have not played any games. I have made one new topic also. i got 32 milbucks so i am pretty sure that i have not crossed any limit line.