May Day Riots


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May Day riots erupt in Germany

May Day celebrations in Germany have been marred by violence in some of the country's major cities.

Sixteen police officers and 25 protesters were injured in Berlin's Hellersdorf district during a large rally organised by the extreme-right National Democratic Party (NPD).

About 1,000 far-right youths with signs demanding "work for Germans first" listened to speakers calling for foreigners to be expelled.

Police intervened when the neo-Nazis briefly clashed with anti-fascists who held their own counter-demonstration at the same location.

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Violence at May Day protest

Masked demonstrators fought running battles with police and destroyed a fast food restaurant during an anti-capitalist protest in London.
About 30 people were arrested and nine police officers were injured - three of them needing hospital treatment - during the attacks.

A small group of protesters targeted a McDonald's restaurant in the Strand where one policeman was hit by a flying brick as the crowd smashed every window in the burger bar.

Prime Minister Tony Blair has condemned the protesters as an "absolute disgrace".

"Their actions have nothing to do with conviction or belief and everything to do with mindless thuggery," he said.

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This havn't been the first time many of these riots occur, but it appears that they are becoming more violent and demanding than usual.
Re-May Day Riots

Yes this is how it goes when only "one side can demonstrate". The so called anti-fascist demonstrators are used to be the only voice to be audible. Well I don't have to like extreme-right to think that both sides should have equal rights to express them self. Personally I find both anti-fascist and extreme-right equal frightening! :? :lol:

chewie_nz said:
i'm an anti facsist

Haha you are a New Zealander we are anti-everything its that whole tall poppy syndrome thing :)

Personally as long as the demonstrations are peaceful I think everyone should have an equal say.